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How to Prevent Hackers from Targeting Your Phone

Phone hacking is becoming increasingly common. Our phones have most, if not all, of our information on them. It’s convenient and easy to keep bank info, personal passwords, etc. on your phone. But that also means that it’s easier for hackers to get all your information via one device. 

So, what can you do? There are some steps you can take to ensure that your phone won’t be on the “Next to Hack” list. 

Install Software Updates ASAP

Software updates are the most important thing you can do to make your phone hack-proof. Keep your mobile up-to-date with the newest software. Usually, this is as simple as logging onto a WiFi signal once in a while and letting the system scan for updates or checking your Settings for new updates. 

This simple act means that your phone is equipped with the latest antivirus programs and services. Anti-hacking software becomes obsolete quickly because of the resourcefulness of hackers. If you want your phone to remain protected, update it as soon as you get the notification. 

Your cell phone company (especially if you have Android or iPhone) is working tirelessly to ensure that their anti-hack software can keep up. Don’t delay the update. 

Review, Review, Review

Do you know everything that is on your phone? You might see the apps and photos and think “that’s everything”, but do you know that for sure? Some things might be lurking on your phone of which you might not be aware. You should review every app and file that you’ve downloaded to see where it’s from and what it includes. 

Most spam apps and files do include some form of information phishing, so you need to look through what they are taking from you. Browsing history is one thing, credit card info is another. 

The Right Case Is Everything

The right case can indicate whether or not you’d be an easy person to hack. If you have a case that is cute but also doubly protective, hackers can see that you’re serious about protecting your phone. For example, a Casely iPhone case comes in a variety of cute designs. They are also ultra-protective, so your phone won’t break if it’s dropped. 

With a protective case, it’s an indication that you care about your phone and the information on it. That leads hackers to assume you have stronger antivirus protection.

Have a Plan in Case Your Phone Is Stolen

There’s always a worst-case scenario. You want to make sure that you’ve planned for it. There are a few options that you can take in case your phone is stolen. One is to have your phone auto-erase after a certain number of incorrect passcode attempts. 

You can also choose the less drastic “find my device” option to locate your phone and remotely lock or erase it. This allows you to know where your phone is and ensures that your data is secure. 

Auto-Login Is a Huge No

We know, we know, auto-login is handy. It saves minutes stressing over which password went with which app. But, auto-login is also a huge liability. If a hacker manages to get into your phone, they just need to open the browser to get into your accounts. 

Use a password manager if necessary and make sure that your passwords aren’t all the same. 

Hackers Beware 

With all this information, you can rest assured that your phone won’t be as easily accessible to hackers. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof. Remember to keep your phone on you at all times in public. 

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