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How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10 :-

A screenshot is an image taken by a user to record the visible items displayed on the monitor, mobile device, or other visual output device in use.
All the major platforms have some level of support for taking screenshots. There are many tools out there for taking screenshots in Windows. If your needs are pretty basic then you don’t have to install a third party application.
Method 1 — Print Screen (PrtScn)
You can use the print screen method to take a screenshot and automatically save it as a file, On some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the “Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn” or “Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn” keys instead.
Method 2 – Using Snipping Tool
The Snipping tool has been a part of the Windows for long time.
With the new “Delay” option in Windows 10, you can now grab screenshots of pop-up menus and tooltips easily. Open the Snipping Tool app and click Delay option. From the drop-down list, click on the number corresponding to delay time you want to set in seconds (from 0–5 seconds).
Now choose the type of snip you want to make by clicking the arrow next to “New.” You can choose from one of four types of snip — free-form, rectangular, window, and full-screen.
Method 3:-
Skitch :- Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.

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