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Sales Intelligence Platforms: Buying, Benefits, and Examples

The business world is changing rapidly with traditional strategies becoming redundant at a fast pace. Sales and marketing strategies are some of the most affected today, and companies that are focused on growth are doing everything to utilize technology to get an edge.

Sales and marketing can take advantage of sales intelligence platforms to collect and analyze data and make reports on prospects and loyal customers, which will help them grow the customer base. There is a lot to learn from such data including buying trends, preferences, major customer challenges, and more about the market segment.

So, what exactly are sales intelligence platforms? They are software or apps with the ability to collect customer information, access various CRMS or customer databases, manipulate the data, and make various reports on the same.

How to Buy Sales Intelligence Tools

It is easy to buy the best tool among the best sales intelligence platforms on the market today. All you need is the right information. Here are some of the considerations to make.

  •       The technology behind it – Many sales intelligence platforms are accessed through the web because they are cloud-based platforms. But apps are still very numerous since they are mobile and convenient. Providers often also give a desktop option for those who still want to work on their computers in an office setup. If your sales and marketing teams are typically in the field, which is usually the case, apps are the best to consider.
  •       Features of the platform – The software or app that you choose should have many features that meet your needs. The better the feature, the higher the chances of doing a lot with the sales intelligence tool. The features may include the ability to access different databases, self-service analytics, email integration, and a lot more. If you research thoroughly, you will realize that even the low-cost sales intelligence platforms have many amazing features. So, you do not have to pay a lot especially if your business is just starting.
  •       Customization – The best sales intelligence platforms should be highly customized to meet the goals of a company. The platform provider can assist with the customization. Depending on the products you want to promote, target prospects and other technologies used by the business. On the same note, ensure that the platform can adapt to changes happening in the company such as changes in the marketing teams or advertising technologies.
  •       Regular updates – Sales intelligence platforms that have regular updates and upgrades are the best. The company can get more features and security updates over time due to the many technological changes happening today. So, the support team from the provider should ensure that all users of the platform get updates as they deserve. Speaking of customer support, the team should be on standby to assist the users when they are stuck.
  •       Price – Undoubtedly, premium sales intelligence platforms are not free. You can either buy the license once or renew it after some time; it all depends on the provider and the services they offer. A fair budget should give you a functional sales intelligence platform to use in your company.

Benefits of Sales Intelligence Platforms

This technology has many benefits, which are mostly experienced when you buy your tools from a reputable company. When you are ready to buy one, you can check here. In the meantime, here are the benefits of using the best sales intelligence platforms in any company.

  •       Increased productivity – Tools make work easy for the employees. Hence, the sales and marketing team will have an easy time when they use appropriate sales intelligence tools. They will not only hit their goals but even become more productive in the company. On top of being more productive, the operations will be accurate even when dealing with a lot of data.
  •       Improving future predictions – A company that can make future predictions in sales and marketing has a big edge. This is because market segment behavior continues to change. For instance, new buying trends are continuously evolving. Many sales intelligence platforms assist in predicting all this by looking at the previous data. So, start using one today if you have not done so in your company.
  •       Enhancing customer experience – As mentioned, sales intelligence platforms focus on collecting and analyzing prospects’ and customers’ data. From the results, it is possible to draw conclusions such as what the customers want to know, the type of product they want, and the challenges that they are facing when consuming your products. From this point, your team will start to enhance the customer experience through better communication and product differentiation.
  •       Improved data quality – The best sales intelligence platforms filter data thoroughly before they can use it. They ensure that it is useful immediately and even in the future. According to studies, some companies end up not using up to 30% of the data they collect because they are not equipped to use it. But with an appropriate sales intelligence tool, most of this data will be useful.

Some of the Best Sales Intelligence Platforms

Among the many sales intelligence platforms on the market today, only a few are reliable and ultimately functional. Those who are new to this field should know some of the best tools they can rely on in 2021. Here are some of them.

  •       Tropare – This is an excellent self-service tool designed for mobile sales and marketing teams.
  •       Vainu – It is aimed at providing sales and marketing teams with all company information on the go.
  •       Clearbit – A powerful tool meant to increase customer interaction by providing the sales and marketing teams with customer datll learn more about your web visitors.
  •       LinkedIn Sales Navigator – This is a powerful tool for the corporate social arena.


By now, you know a lot about sales intelligence platforms, right? The above insights will be invaluable for you, and it is ideal if you utilize the information. It is easy to buy a sales intelligence tool that will take your business to the next level now. All the best.