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Timokids is An Exceptional App That Perfectly Showcases How Technology Can Help Parents

Timokids is another astounding kids app featuring free books, stories & games. With exceptional, certified kidsafe content, the educational kids books and games app is another great example of how app developed for kids can be of amazing help to parents.

With this kid development app for parents you can get a great support tool for many socially important topics that are related to the child development, but are hard to communicate, especially in early age.

The educational app features books, exceptionally designed animated 3D stories, amazingly entertaining and helpful games all aiming to help adults to assist their kids with developing essential skills while entertaining them and keeping their attention though fun games and stories.

Original content

On the app is offered original content that help parents guide their kids and better the interaction with them. The app is created by pedagogues, specialists and psychologists, and is certified kids safe offering parents sense of relief. Not only it looks astounding, all books, stories and games address many important issues like bullying, respect, differences and much more.

Already used in 190 countries worldwide

Timokids is already used by thousands of parents and kids in more than 190 countries. Within seconds and with exceptional kid friendly content the parents are offered to help kids with in their development and understanding of reality.  The app makes it possible for parents to tell moral stories and turn the bedtime stories into amazingly fun, yet useful activity.

Great for teachers

Not only for parents, Timokids can help teachers to entertain and educate children in their psychological development with offering them to learn through original fun content and stories that are focused of assisted and guided communication, talking about hard subjects of the children’s world.

Each story has characters that are established specially to stimulate the psychosocial and sensory development of the kids. With the app, each child can develop visual, auditory, and psychomotor skills.

Parents can create personal stories

The parents can record voice function that offers them to have control in stories with integrating their voice and controlling the designs that the kid will attend. With this exceptional feature, parents will feel more present in the life of the children and become more close.

Timokids books, stories and games can become the favorite thing to do with your little ones, and if you practice it frequently, it may turn out to be highly beneficial.

Download this app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: Timokids

App Store Download Link: Timokids

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