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WhizFolders – the Outline & Note Organization Tool That Can Make Your More Productive & Organized

Every Windows user eventually encounters note taking software like Notepad and sticky notes. It’s the built-in plain-text editor and note taking tools that has shipped with the operating system since the beginning of time (while sticky notes is an recent addition). It’s fast, simple, and utterly out of date, few people ever bother taking notes with it. There are many apps out there that store notes and provide access to your info everywhere you go and yes, these note-taking tools and outliners of the modern desktop computing era go far beyond the old, simple, outdated Notepad. Today we are discussing about one of the best among the many – WhizFolders!

WhizFolders powerful features

WhizFolders has number of features worthy of mentioning. Among them are the ability to make tree lists of not titles, the powerful rich text editor, clipboard auto collect, boolen search for words with AND, OR, NEAR, finding note by keyword tags, highlighting with color or icons, precise drag and drop, word compatible RTF export, etc. It also comes with a powerful web clipping feature perfect for research projects as it automatically include the information URL so finding the source is never a hassle. And that’s not all there is. WhizFolders is a software packed with amazing amount of features that making it one of the most versatile note taking/organizing and outline software on the market.

Why should you give it a chance?

WhizFolders it’s and outliner/notepad/personal wiki that excels in quick storing, retrieving information and crosslinking. Its biggest strength is the software’s openness for its users methods, allowing them to customize it and use it in their own way with their own methods for sorting, writing, outlining or note taking. WhizFolders uses and applications are limited only by the user’s imagination. For all that and more, this software is worthy of your attention if you are in search of a powerful outliner or note organization tool.

It comes at a price of only $29.95 and if you are not sure about making a purchase you can download the free 30 days trial version so you can evaluate its features before making a final decision.

Download link: WhizFolders


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