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Top 10 Cloud Computing Skills To Boost Your Career

Imagine a warehouse. You stack all your products/ information/ anything of such sort in that warehouse. Your information keeps expanding with each passing day. In that case, I would wish that your warehouse expanded automatically. Say that your wishes are heard. Now that your warehouse is expanding, you would have disputes with the nearby property, where their warehouse is expanding like yours. What will happen in this scenario? Would you wish to restrict the growth of your warehouse? Or, would you wish to find a way to keep it expanding?

This is where cloud computing would make your wish come true and save your day!

In simple terms, cloud computing is invisible storage space. In this storage space, you can save your data information, and access the same from anywhere around the globe. The only requirement for your cloud space to work finely is an uninterrupted internet connection. Well, the best catch is that your data would remain safe in the cloud even after you disconnect the internet connection. Cloud computing technology is popular among industries/ organizations for several reasons and the following are the top reasons.

– To be honest, organizations are always seeking ways to be more cost-efficient. Cloud computing systems meet such needs by helping to lower the overall IT costs. The cost-efficiency is done by the cloud computing system through managing your organizational infrastructure effectively. Furthermore, the cloud computing system comes in handy in the aspects of configuration, purchase, and installation of your premises.

– Imagine this scenario. Your organization is getting brand new technology. The technology has to be used within a month to win over your competitors. However, the relevant technicians are busy setting/demonstrating the new system. As time passes, you realize that it is time to invest in new technologies. Yet again, the cycle may continue.

However, with the help of a cloud computing system, you can launch and utilize various applications/ new systems in a matter of minutes. Thus, you can ensure the full usage of the latest system and get the best benefits from the same too. AWS Solutions Architect Certification and training provides the needed skills and expertise in the cloud computing system.

Following are the different types of cloud computing systems in the market.


Cloud computing exists in 3 primary model forms.


Known for its full form, “Infrastructure as a Service”, is utilized to gain access to various features of any network. IaaS is utilized to gain access to computers and data storage space as well. It is important to note that the computers can be virtual or can be present on dedicated hardware. IaaS is popular for its highest degree of flexibility. Another reason for the popularity of IaaS is its ability to effectively manage your resources. The resources management is on par with the highly-skilled management of IT departments in top organizations.

– PaaS

Known for its full form, “Platforms as a service”, cloud computing technology is a popular choice among organizations to effectively manage the infrastructure. Generally, PaaS is utilized to manage operating systems and hardware systems. PaaS systems enable you to concentrate more on the core organizational aspects such as deploying your applications. With PaaS, you can focus on effectively managing your applications as well.

Furthermore, PaaS is more useful in the aspects of maintaining software, planning of capacities, procuring of resources, patching, and other relevant aspects which involve “heavy-lifting”.

– SaaS

Known for its full form, “Software as a Service” is popular for its ability to be a complete package deal. SaaS takes care of the maintenance and management of the service as well as infrastructure. With SaaS, you will have sufficient time to figure out the usage of your infrastructure/ services in general.

Upon understanding the different types of cloud computing systems, it is now time to understand the relevant skills you should know to operate the different types of cloud computing systems. Following are the top cloud computing skills you should know in 2021 and beyond to succeed in your career.



This skill tops the list for a reason. Irrespective of the level of your skills, you will always have to interact with people in your organization who would have no technological expertise/ understanding. In addition to your technical understanding, you will have to develop a knack to handle your stakeholders. Stakeholders, especially internal stakeholders, rely on your explanation to understand the cloud platform. Your explanation will undoubtedly influence the type of cloud platform your organization would get. Thus, the better your communication, the better your organization’s technologies will be. Furthermore, your communication skill will come in handy in the instances where new contracts have to be made or when contracts have to be negotiated.


The number of features determines the overall cost of the cloud computing platform. With your expertise input, you can comment on the number of features your organization would need and the number of features that would make the purchase unreasonably pricey. Based on the end goal, it would be easy to customize your cloud computing service too.


It is one thing to fail-proof a plan. It is yet another thing to create another fail-proof backup plan. Your expertise, insights and skills play a key role in the migration of data. You will be involved in a variety of responsibilities such as the creation of a network, modification of the network, and more of a similar sort. Thus, the plan should be elaborated in a way that everyone understands the same. On the other hand, you should simultaneously have a backup plan, just to ensure that your organization is safe after the first cyber security breach.


The efficiency of your organization’s cloud computing system relies on the level of automation only. Automation plays a key role in the decision of action response in the system. This means that the percentile of human interference is reduced to a great extent. This results in better decisions that would benefit the organization.


It is one thing to build brand new computing systems. On the other hand, it is yet another thing to build a powerful system by integrating several systems. Oftentimes, organizations rely on building integrated cloud computing systems to gain a powerful combination that would produce required outputs.


With your data migration skills, you will either transfer existing data onto the new cloud system or, you will transfer data from one cloud computing system to another. Your skills will play a key role in ensuring that no data is lost during the process of data migration.


Needless to say, as an expert with vast knowledge in the cloud computing system, you will be primarily relied on to choose the best cloud computing system available in the market.


You should be able to back your choice of a cloud computing system through your elaborate understanding of each computing system. Furthermore, you should know how to operate different cloud computing systems in general too.


Apart from the general operations of the cloud computing systems, you will be responsible for generally managing the cloud computing system too. This is inclusive of an array of responsibilities such as re-routing of videoconferences, managing sensitive data on the cloud, and more of such nature.


As a cloud computing system professional, you would have to adapt to the new role. This role is very different from the traditional working methods in the IT industry. You should be ready to take up new responsibilities too in the role.


The field of cloud computing systems is thriving these days. It could be said as a futuristic model too. By acquiring/ developing your skills relevant to the field, you can thrive to a great extent.


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