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Types of Search Engine Ranking Factors

Every search engines that we have is using a formula. This is the reason as to why search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines have different results. The formula that we are talking about here is the algorithms. This frequently changes to be able to have an improved result.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process wherein it actually improves a certain website to attain a high rank. Because SEO frequently changes, it is a good idea that you are able to modify your website’s optimization process and your strategy when it comes to SEO.

How Does Search Engines Rank Your Website?

Keep in mind that the factors when it comes to your ranking are not equal. In terms of Google, it has an algorithm that is fast changing.

Here are the top-ranking factors that will surely help you with your SEO ranking.

  1. A Great Content

This aspect is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your SEO ranking factor. This is because the content is considered to be the most important factor in your SEO ranking. So, if you want to have a better ranking for all types of keywords then you should be committed to making an awesome page.

Here is what you need to do for you have a great page.

  • Your page should answer whatever the topic on the search is.
  • Your page should be written in an informative style and should not go beyond the topic.
  • It should contain original work and contains 1000 words at least.
  • Use only simple sentences so that your audience will be able to read it carefully.
  • Make your heading to have other sections of your website.
  • Use some images or videos on your page.

Having a low-quality website means it doesn’t contain some great pages. This means that having a high-quality website refers to having a better page metrics.

  1. Make Some Quality but Some Natural Backlinks to Your Website

Another important aspect when it comes to SEO ranking is linking your website into a quality website. Once you have linked your website to another website, then you must be able to cater a valuable content.

  1. Make Use of Anchor Text in Your Backlinks

Words that you use to attach a link is called an anchor text. Over the past, having a strong backlink on a certain page content can actually work well with targeted pages. However, search engines become smart and noticed that this practice is abused.

Having plenty of targeted keywords in your anchor text can actually be no good for your website. Also, you have to remember that having your page diverted from your anchor text can become critical. Having so many pages using a single anchor text can hurt the ability of your page to rank.

  1. Having an On-Page Optimization for Your Search Engine

Your content should contain images, text, videos, music, and any other media that you can use. A page that is considered to be optimized includes a metadata so that you will be able to know about the ranking of your site.

A metadata actually contains the title of your page in the <title> tag. The meta description is located in the <metaname=”description”> tag.

Other Search Factors to Consider

Aside from what was mentioned earlier, there are also some tiny factors that can be considered as an important thing for your ranking in Google. Once these small factors are combined all together, they will become a great help and will improve your page rank.

Here are some of the small factors that you may take considerations on taking.

  • The speed of your page to load – Having a page that actually loads slowly can greatly affect your ranking. Try to make your page load faster.
  • HTTPS – Google will be able to give your website a tiny bump if you make use of the secure https protocol.
  • Visitor usage – This refers to your metrics of engagement, usage of your site, and the CTR of your search queries.

Search engines are considered to be complicated. Another great way for you to be able to achieve a great SEO ranking in search engines platform like Google is to be able to read more and spend some time learning what the best SEO practices are. You also have to assure that you are actually paying attention to the newest trends when it comes to optimizing your page.

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