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A step wise methodology for E-Commerce SEO

If you glance at the buying behavior of people these days, it has changed on a major scale. People are more interested in buying things online and saving precious time. At present, having an e commerce store has become a necessity for a brand to progress. Since people prefer the convenient option of online buying, brands need to have an active online presence for this purpose.

Why is E Commerce SEO a need?

If you have an e commerce store, several other brands would be having this option as well. Search Engine Optimization would obviously help you in getting an upper hand in giving more exposure and getting more customers. Here are some effective steps which should be used to get the best SEO results.

1.      Research and select the correct keywords

E Commerce SEO is done with the same approach used for other SEO campaigns. You need to begin with keyword search and analysis. A search engine campaign reaches the highest level of success when the traffic rate increases and people start getting regular visitors. To achieve this goal, you should be well aware of the keywords that are being used by customers looking for e-commerce SEO services. These keywords should in your content with the correct density.

2.      Keyword density checker

Keyword density plays a key role in successful SEO. You may have heard in your school days “excess of everything is bad.” That’s true in SEO as well. Keyword stuffing is highly unacceptable in the world of SEO. Experts have already defined the balance ratio for keywords that you should maintain in the content. Three words long keywords should not be more than 1%.

Now the question rises, how do you calculate it so precisely? Never mind this question because the digital era has solution of every problem. You can check density by using any online keyword density checker to avoid keyword stuffing.

  • If you have used the correct keywords in your content without stuffing, the e commerce website would be ranked highly. Websites that have a high SEO rank never have to worry about traffic or number of organic searches. Such e-commerce websites always have product buyers visiting their website for purchasing purposes.
  • Carrying out a proper research to determine keywords is very important. Content published on e-commerce websites should contain specific keywords. One way to accomplish this task is look at the keywords being used by competitor websites that are ranked at a higher position than you. If you are lacking any of the targeted keywords, include them in your web content, blogs, social media posts and other writing forms.

3.      Set a priority for the pages of your website

According to business owners, each page of their website carries importance. However, a priority has to be set. Through Google Analytics, you can determine a list of your pages categorized on priority basis. Web pages with consistent high rate of traffic carry more priority than the ones which have fewer visits. It becomes easier to perform SEO activities when the pages are arranged in a hierarchical form.

4.      On page SEO is the game changer

A lot of website owners ignore on page SEO. For the growth and success of an e-commerce website, on page SEO should be a continuous and ongoing process. There are few areas which website owners have to pay attention to. Quality content is one of the key activities. If you are successful in establishing readability and customers find the content on your website interesting, your website would get ranked on the first page easily. Simply compiling a list of sentences does not mean that you have published quality content in a successful manner.

  • The use of Meta description is helpful for driving traffic to a website. When user searches for something, he goes through this description to see what the website is all about. In other words, he is able to filter the website which suits him most. E commerce websites with a high properly implemented on page SEO methods get more customers than the ones which do not focus on this area.

5.      The use of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords basically restrict the searching boundaries of the user. As an Ecommerce website owner, you would have a set of potential buyers. With the help of long tail keywords, people get more tailor made results. Thus, if you have long tail keywords in your content, people who make searches according to the services you offer would be directed to your website.

  • The use of long tail keywords also reduces the level of competition that a website faces from its competitors. For instance, consider that a user uses the phrase “best e commerce websites” to locate online shopping options. It is obvious that when this phrase will be used, all e commerce websites would be displayed on the screen of the user. This obviously reduces the chances of a potential buyer ending up on a particular website.
  • If a long tail keyword like “best e commerce websites in New Jersey” is used, the users would have a small number of websites to choose from. Mostly users use search phrases according to their location. From the perspective of a website owner, the use of long tail keywords helps in improving sales volumes and conversion rate.


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