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The Best Data Recovery Software for Your Computer

Whenever files disappear unexpectedly, it is a problem. Just imagine that you have been working, saving all the data, and then, it all just vanishes. What should you do then? Most of those data recovery tools are very limited, they can recover either particular files only or not later than after a particular time period.

There is a solution. Do you know the best professional data recovery software for Windows? Ok, you might know many of them, but do you know a really good professional software that is available for free use?

Disk Drill is definitely the one. If you have time, you still can check the list of the best data recovery tools for Windows, but after comparing these best data recovery tools and their features will see that they are completely different, with different functionality and possibilities.

Now, let us return to Disk Drill. If you have some files that you need to be recovered, download Disk Drill. Then, just run the tool to see the options. You will be amazed by the results.

So, here is what Disk Drill handles for you:

  • It will recover up to 500 MB data for free, there is no need to pay a single cent for such a huge volume.
  • The tool handles any file formats.
  • And how do you like such feature as a guaranteed recovery? This guarantees you complete safety.
  • Data cloning is one of the features that are not available if you work with other free tools. This is the best option to work with files without being worried about changing the originals. In some jobs, this feature is irreplaceable.

Now you can see why Disk Drill is among the best data recovery software. Moreover, it can be used for free. Just imagine now what you can get if you purchase a paid version with all options included. By the way, we would say, that one of the most valuable options is the so-called Recovery Vault.

An additional layer is called like this. The tool saves all your deleted files there, and you can get them all back if you need it. You know that recovery might be impossible in some cases, and in other cases, the files might be damaged. So, with Recovery Vault, you will be able to get your files undamaged, any volume and any format of them.

So, you see now, that this is not only the best data recovery software for PC, but also free software. Yes, a free version comes with certain limitations, like by any other tool. But it gives you all the opportunities to test the tool and to see whether you really need to pay for it. In most cases, for individual use, a free option is more than enough. A paid version is good for those who work with data or for enterprises.

There is one more pleasant thing that this best free data recovery software for Windows offers: you can buy a lifetime upgrade, and that’s it. You will have an updated paid version forever. This option not only saves you a lot of money but is very convenient. You don’t need to worry whether it is time to update your tool. Now, you understand that this tool is just the best.


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