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What happens when you practice coding online?

The craze of coding and learning codes can be seen everywhere these days. If you are wondering what the craze is all about and how it can prove to be beneficial for you then read on this article to know more.

What is coding?


Let us try and put it in this way. Coding is basically the process which makes it possible for us to create different computer applications, software and website. Whatever you see on your computer, phone and over the internet is basically made from codes.  If you are someone who knows nothing about codes, then you have come to the correct place. Let’s go through a beginner’s tutorial for coding.

Why coding is important?

When you decide to learn codes there are many more benefits to it. Let us explore some of them.


  • The career prospectus


With technology taking a toll over everything, the coders are more in demand. Learning codes can be a great boost towards growing your career. It provides you with a really high paying job and the growth is also quite immense in the field. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the coders are the most demanded and it is increasing at an accelerated rate since the past few years.


  • Problem Solving Capability


As you get more acquainted with the world of coding, you would be able to give more efficient solution to any problem. It widens you capability to think and you would be able approach the problems more logically.


  • More Opportunities


Your current job might not demand you to have a deep understanding of coding but learning it would definitely open up many more potential career choices. You can take up coding as a hobby, but with time, you would see that it has not only helped you to enhance your skills, but it has also opens up many job offers which you might not have even thought of.


  •  New Challenges


Unlike the most of the jobs where you have to do same things every day, coders have to face a lot of new challenges on each day of their work. Each problem is unique and the solution to them is also unique, hence you would have to be creative and open to take up new challenges on each day of your work. This can really be quite interesting.


  • Being Creative


Just think about it. Codes are the basic building blocks to develop all new apps and software. You too can make new software which might help a lot of people. With your creative ideas and knowledge of coding, you would be able to solve a lot of problems and develop something new which otherwise might seem to be quite a big problem.

You would see that you have gained a lot of confidence when you know the world of coding. Coders are the most demanded in today’s job world, and when you know all the important aspects of coding, not only it would increase your demand, but it would also help you make a lot of money. When you practice coding online, it would give you a lot of advantages that would in turn help you a lot to grow.

How does coding work?

Now that you know what coding is all about and its importance, it is now the time for you to know how you can practice coding online. This section would also give you an insight about the overall ways in which the coding works.

Coding is basically the process by which some transistors are switched on and off.  This is exactly the way how Binary codes 1 and 0 works but with much more complexities. There are thousands of programming languages which are used in order to solve all the complex problems. Combining these codes, we can make different applications and software as per our requirement. Each coding language has their own special program which helps them in translating our binary codes.

What is the need of so many languages?

The answer is simple, all the different programming languages serves different purposes. Some of them are used for web developments while the others are used for creating new phone apps. Some of them solve numerical problems while the others help to solve other complexities and so on.

Where to learn coding?

If you are a working professional or do not have much time to attend physical classes then you can take up the online courses. These courses offer you with the lot of flexibility to practice coding online and these are as good as any other physical class. You can try leaning codes online at codingninjas.in, they have a list of good industry specific courses and the teachers are also very much experienced in the field.


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