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Why You Need To Start sharing More Videos on Social Media to get views and How to Do It right

Although YouTube has been noticed to play its dominion in the SERPs of all major search engines, there are yet a lot of other video streaming services that should be targeted. Bing Video, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Viddler, Vimeo, NetFlix, Yahoo! Screen, VEVO are some of the top video sharing sites that can help you unleash your promotional move if used correctly. 

Some of the other names of top video sharing sites are Eyespot, Grouper, Jumpcut, Ourmedia, Revver, and Video Egg. But YouTube is the king of all video sharing sites. Sharing your YoUtube videos on social platforms can help you to increase the views count of your videos with buying yt likes.

Social Sharing of Videos

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter also offer video sharing services that can help you go more social with your brand and business message. Social media and networking platforms can enhance viral promotional strategy for videos, thereby distributing your content on the online social platforms. There’s nothing better than this to market your business & build your brand across the Internet.

Encourage the viewers to spread out the compelling media to their friends on social networking sites like Facebook by hitting the sharing button. Videos that are uploaded on Twitter can be re-tweeted by your followers. Myspace allows your friends to share your videos and let it go viral across its landscape.

Why is Sharing Videos on Social Media Important? 

Sharing videos on social media is as important as promoting them through videos streaming services. Social networking – especially Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. are highly effective for reaching out to your target audience & promoting your brand. Here are why you should share videos on social media.

Videos Shared On Social Media Gets Better Visibility – Social networking platforms are currently the buzz words for Internet users. Usage statistics for such platforms are continuously on the rise. Studies have shown that videos shared on certain social media like Facebook, Myspace & even on the microblogging platforms – twitter is better viewed than elsewhere. Correct promotional strategies give you a big boost. 

People Have Faith on Their Friends’ Recommendations – Quite naturally people trust their friends. Profiles on social networking sites are being built by groups of like-minded people who think alike, talk alike and trust each other. If your videos are liked or followed or shared by a person in a group, chances are there that it will be viewed by his/her friends in the same group or communities. If the friend shares it gets visible to friends of friends and thus your content gets virally spread out.

Social Media Gets Faster Visibility – Speed is the most important factor for effective promotion in the contemporary business landscape. Videos are more frequently shared than just text and images. Social networking sites best offer the essence of viral marketing.

Whether your goal is to create & promote marketing material for your business or establishing a strong online presence, the video moves a long way to help you reach your target. Videos are the best way to establish engagement & bring in quality visitors to your site.

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