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10 Gifts For Every Tech Lover

Buying a gift for some people can be very difficult, especially when you do not know of their likes and dislikes.

However, it becomes easy if the recipient has a specific interest, such as in tech.  This article is aimed towards such people as given below are ten perfect gifts for every tech lover:

  1. A Cell Phone

This is an expensive gift, but if your friend is a tech lover then he or she would definitely love it.

However, make sure to pick a phone that they would admire and one that is an upgrade over what they already have. With new phone models coming on a regular basis, this one gift can never go out of style.

You do not have to go for expensive phones from Apple and Samsung, you can also consider different options.

  1. A Memory Card

This can be a perfect gift for anyone who loves to save data, which can be images, documents or simple videos.

This is very important with phones now having limited spaces, especially iPhones where you have to spend a huge amount of money to buy cloud storage and it is not possible to increase the internal space.

For such people, a memory card can be a great gift as it can be used to keep data safe and secure. Just make sure to pick a memory card that has a good amount of space so that they can save all the data that they need to without any trouble.

  1. Amazon Echo

This amazing product from Amazon sent shockwaves all around the world when it was first launched. With an improved design and better sound quality, the new Echo from Amazon is quite powerful and can make for a good assistant. In fact, many rate it better than Apple’s Siri, which was once considered to be a pioneer.

Amazon Echo comes with seven microphones to make sure Alexa can hear you. While there are some videos of Alexa finding it hard to understand certain accents, it is believed that new updates will solve this problem as well.

  1. A GPS Tracker

While most cars and even mobile phones come with a build-in GPS tracker today, this can still be a good gift for a tech lover as it can allow them to understand GPS technology better.

  1. Wireless Headphones

Many companies are making wireless headphones due to their growing demand, especially now that new iPhone models do not have a jack.

You can get a huge variety of headphones on the market with some being as expensive as $300, but if you look around you can easily find some more affordable options as well.

Just pick a unit that offers good battery life and quality sound so that it can qualify as a nice gift.

  1. Portable Power Bank

This can be a perfect gift for everyone. A power bank can allow people to charge different devices, from mobile phones to laptops, even when they are on the go. It is very common for battery to drain and charging it can be a trouble, but a portable power bank can make life easier.

Just make sure to pick a product that can charge big devices since some small power banks might not be able to power laptops that require more energy than mobile phones. Other than this, many power banks can charge multiple devices at once, so try to get your hands on such a power bank if it falls under your budget.

  1. Home Security System

With increasing crimes, a home security system is the need of the hour. You can find a number of systems out on the market. While some offer just basic security, such as alarms, some come with additional security features including video cameras.

You can find security systems within different budgets, based on the level of security that they provide.

It can be a perfect gift for all tech lovers as it is not just a good example of the changes technology has brought in our lives, but it also shows that you actually care for others’ safety.

Just make sure to pick one that is reliable and offers good protection.

  1. VR Set

Almost all major gaming consoles offer virtual reality games today, however they do not come with a VR set, which has to be bought separately.

If you have the budget, you can get your hands on a VR set and present it as a gift.

The world of VR is truly unique and if they are into video games then they will definitely appreciate this gift.

  1. Magnetic Card Reader

Have a look at this product and you will understand why it is a great gift, especially if the recipient works in an industry where they need one.

  1. Health Watch

You must have heard of Apple Watch, but it is not the only company making such watches today.

A health watch is a perfect gift not only for tech lovers, but for health lovers as well. It can allow people to keep an eye on their health and can also motivate them to turn to a healthy lifestyle.

While an Apple Watch might be expensive, you can easily find cheaper and reliable substitutes on the market.

If you are having trouble in picking a gift for your friend, then pick one from these options as they include a huge variety for all tech lovers and under different budgets. However, make sure to stick to your budget and also to keep the recipient and their taste in mind when buying a gift so that it can be beneficial for them.

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