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5 biggest features we’re excited for in Battlefield 2042

Everyone is excited about Battlefield 2042 because the game is loaded with amazing and exciting features. According to what we gathered from the June 9, 2021 announcement, the game will rock the world of video games in October. 

Even though the Battlefield 2042 release date is still three months away, Electronic Arts assure us that it’s going to be a blockbuster. This is why everyone is excited, and many gamers are already sending their pre-order requests to retailers. 

So, if you are yet to understand the hype and enthusiasm in the industry right now, let’s share the features with you here. Then, if you know what to expect in the latest Battlefield, you will rush to Battlelog.co/battlefield-2042-hacks-cheats-aimbot and prepare better for it. 

Battlefield 2042 features 

A Hero-based System

One of the new features in this upcoming game is a new system for selecting the class you want to play. Battlefield 242 has changed the old approach that enables players to choose the class they want to play amongst assault class, engineer archetype, recon, support, etc. 

Now instead of all that, you will choose a specialist to play. Each specialist in the game comes with one unique and one passive ability. The aim is to make every player follow any style they want. At least, you don’t have to be limited to playing a pre-defined role by selecting a class. 

Addition of the Grappling Gun

This is another exciting feature that we can’t wait to use in the new battlefield 2042. Players can now use the Grappling gun in the game. This gun is unique in the sense that it brings additional advantages to the user over his enemies. 

A grappling gun is a high-technology pistol that you can use to climb heights. Once you shoot it, the hooks will attach to your target location and pull you up to the height you want. Another use of a grappling gun is to drag unsuspecting enemies close and finish them off.

 If you add an attachment to it, you can use it as you want.  You can even use the Grappling gun to elevate yourself out of deadly confrontations. Anyone who knows the Batman family will understand the relevance of this weapon. So, we’re excited about it in Battlefield 2042. 

Larger Player Matches

Battlefield 2042 is upgrading the usual 64 player matches to 128 player matches. Isn’t that exciting? However, the implication is that the maps will be massive, just as they have also mentioned in the announcement. Moreover, given this increase, players will surely encounter other players on the large maps. 

According to what EA mentioned, if the 128 players aren’t available, they plan to use AI bots to make up the number. They will add at least 64 bots per match if the humans are not up to 128. There are mixed feelings about this as gamers wonder how it will be like to have bots on the server.   

  Plus Menu system

Battlefield 2042 is coming up with a system that will allow players to swap their attachments. Gamers are already excited about the increase in players and the addition of the grappling gun, but this feature is also a game-changer.

The Plus Menu system will enable players to use different kinds of attachments on the map. The system will allow you to use any attachment that suits different situations your encounter in the game. You can use all the available weapons, vehicles, gadgets, etc., to support yourself. 

Larger Maps & new Environments 

The number of supported players has increased, so; it is right that the maps also expand to accommodate them. This is why battlefield 2042 is coming up with very large maps than what we’re used to in the games. Even the developer shared their sizes on Twitter when discussing the game. 

As for the environments, there has been a lot of changes and additions too. Players should expect to experience deadly sand storms and thunderstorms in the game. The developer even mentioned events such as tornadoes that will rock the specialists’ worlds and push them out of their comfort zones. The game is designed to stretch a player to the limit and force him to strategize more on survival. 


The Battlefield developers have taken their time to package this installment in a way that gamers will appreciate. This game will be terrifying and exciting at the same time. It is going to challenge every player to bring out the best in him or her. But we appreciate the addition of the Plus Menu that will allow players to maximize every tool in the game. 

Also, the Grappling gun can be a saving grace, especially in a dicey situation. Players can use it to climb the rooftops and down enemies from their elevated position. So, just like other games, all you need is preparation, and when it launches, playing it will become easier.