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5 Proven Tips To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites with over 200 million active monthly users doing at least 1.6 billion likes and sharing up to 60 million images daily. 

Not only that, but engagement rates for businesses and brands on Instagram are up to 58x higher than the mighty Facebook. So, there’s no denying that Instagram has become a favorite place for marketers to increase brand awareness. 

Whether you just want to become Instagram famous or working for a big brand, if you just started out on this social giant, here are some tips on growing your Instagram followers in no time. Before the tips, you may would like to check this to boost your  free Instagram followers  easily and reasonably

  • Complete Profile and Bio

First off, you need to take a look at your profile and bio. 


Well, its prime real estate of your Instagram profile, that’s why!

Do you really want it to only link to your website, now and forever? 


Your profile and bio are the backbones of your Instagram presence. And a well-crafted one is the key to growing your audience. Your profile will need to urge those new views to click that magic blue “Follow” button. 

And they won’t do so if it is incomplete, unclear, boring or unappealing. 

  • Content Sharing

Not just any contents. You need to look out for engaging content. 

Great content gets people to comment on, like, and share your posts. And that engagement can give an instant Instagram algorithm boost that can help you have more reach and new followers. 

Everything that you post needs to be interesting with the goal to engage, inform, and entertain. 

  • Consistent Posting at the Right Time

Your existing followers will want to see content from you. After all, that’s the main reason why they followed you!

But, how often should you post?

Tailwind revealed that daily posting can help grow your followers up to 4 times faster than posting once a week. 

Next question:

When is the right time to post?

There’s no universal answer on the best time to post content on Instagram.Every brand has its own best times, and you have yours.

However the best answer we can give you is that you can post when your followers are the most active. 

How do you find that out?

Instagram Insight. 

Just click on your profile photo, tap on the Instagram Insight icon,and scroll down to the Followers, tapping on “See More”. From there, you should be able to see which hours of the day and which day of the week your followers are most active. 


  • Instagram Stories


If you wish for more Instagram followers, then you should never forget Instagram Stories. An average of half a billion accounts on Instagram uses Stories daily with 45 percent of the most-viewed stories from businesses. 

People using Stories are highly engaged and nearly 1 of 5 stories can result in a direct message. 

Pro tip: use the location and hashtag features in the Stories to expose them to users who don’t follow you yet. This is an underused but effective way to increase your reach. 


  • Invest in Instagram Marketing Agency


If you do not have the time to do the painstakingly long process by yourself and want the expert to handle it, then you can consider investing in agencies like the LosFamos social media marketing agency.They specialize in helping businesses to increase the size of their Instagram fan base, so business owners will have more time dealing with other important administrative work.


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