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A Guide On Finding The Best Driver From Delivery Driver App

Getting a job as a part time driver for any food joint or as part of the taxi service is no big deal these days. Anyone can be easily hired as a part time driver by a company. There are many food joints out there who offer home delivery services within a specified distance and hence they too require a driver to get the food delivered. Here are a few tips for the delivery guys who travel around the city on a daily basis. The delivery driver app is available to both Android and iOS users.

  • Do not take anything too personally: not everyone will be gentle and sweet. Sometimes people can be really terrible. But that shouldn’t affect the way of you dealing with your customers. The way a customer talks to you should not get you discouraged.
  • Compliment their pets: this is such a good trick. Some customers get really impressed if their pet is praised and they readily give you a tip. Be gentle with the animals or pat them, this will make the owner feel happy too.
  • The change trick: a customer giving you a tip is not always a thing. Be gentle and polite with the customer. When you are sweet to them they definitely would want to tip you.
  • Answer the queries of the customer: sometimes customers get confused with the different features and options available, especially if the order has been placed through an app. They would want to know some more things in details, be patient and explain whatever they need to know.

What Are The Functionalities Provided By The Delivery Driver App For The Driver?

  • You will receive notifications for the orders when they are available.
  • They will mark the jobs as confirmed, picked up and delivered.
  • You will get turn by turn navigation for the jobs.
  • You can checkout and request for the available jobs in the market place.

What Are The Advantages That You Have If You Work As A Local Delivery Driver?

  • Your travel will be close to home: when you are a local delivery driver, it is mainly an advantage for you since you remain close to your home and family. There delivery targets given to you will be within the state itself. Thus at the end of the day you will be returning back to your loved ones.
  • Contribute your help to the local economy: as a local delivery driver, you need to know that you contribute in boosting of the local economy. The delivery done by the local delivery drivers are the supplies which are done to local businesses or organizations. You help in supporting of small businesses that want to invest in the local area.
  • Fine more positions: the local delivery jobs are available to drivers of various types. Drivers can be hired at an early age of 18 or so and you can explore newer positions also.

There are various features that are provided by the delivery driver app, mentioned below are a few of them.

  • Management of the delivery: the deliveries are well managed with the platform that is available online.
  • Optimization of the fleet: get your fleet optimized to the maximum and also get the optimized routes at the same time for them.
  • The safety management: maintain your fleet and also manage the defects through resolution.
  • Tracking of the delivery: helps the customers to track their delivery through the app, with the option of track delivery.
  • Cash on delivery option: this option allows you to pay for your order only once you have received it.
  • Delivery and easy returns: this feature enables you the delivery of your order and if you are not satisfied with it, you can apply for return, with a delivery person coming back to pick it up from your door step.
  • Search and filter: this allows you to be specific in your preferences. You can specify exactly what brand of product you are looking for, what price range suits you the best and so on.
  • Instant notifications: once you have placed your order you get an immediate notification regarding your order details and an estimated date of the delivery of your product.



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