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Drakemall: how to buy Galaxy S9 and not go bankrupt

The Samsung Galaxy smartphones have become widely popular among Android-devices. Korean company constantly brings something new to every device that is part of this line. This explains the constantly growing demand for Galaxy smartphones.

What’s new

Samsung Galaxy S9, the most powerful Galaxy at the moment, will surprise even the sophisticated user. It has several functions that will make everyday life more convenient and pleasant.

S Voice technology is one of such solutions. It’s enough to touch the microphone icon and tell the smartphone what it has to do. Despite the fact that this function works correctly, it is necessary to speak clearly: due to the peculiarities of pronunciation, the phone can recognize the voice command in an inappropriate way.

Galaxy S9 allows you to gather contacts into groups. Now you do not need to select individual contacts to send out an invitational SMS. Conference calls organization has now become much easier. Relatives, colleagues and friends can be gathered into the appropriate groups and with appropriate profiles. If necessary, the data can be synchronized with the PC.

A distinctive feature of Galaxy smartphones is excellent interaction with Samsung TVs. With the help of a smartphone you can control the TV or share the screen. To connect, just select an available TV. It’s useful when there is a desire to display content from a smartphone on a large screen and discuss it with a company of friends.

Few words about Drakemall

On www.drakemall.com you can find the smartphone you are interested in and purchase it for small amount of money. Drakemall is an online store that offers customers great discounts and a wide range of products. Special attention is paid to digital products such as smartphones, laptops and accessories.

Drakemall uses a case system. Each of cases contains several products. The buyer opens the case and gets the opportunity to win an expensive gadget. To start shopping on Drakemall, it’s enough to register, top up the account and open one of the cases. In case the thing is not useful, it can be resold with the benefit. Youtube video shows how to get Galaxy S9.

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