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An Introduction to IPSec Protocol

An Introduction to IPSec ProtocolAn Introduction to IPSec Protocol :- 

What is IPsec ?

A set of security protocols and algorithms used to secure IP data at the network layer. IPSec provides data confidentiality ( encryption) , integrity ( hash ) , authentication ( Signature / certificates) of IP packets while maintaining the ability to route them through existing IP networks. It is deployed widely to implement Virtual Private Networks ( VPNs).


Authentication :- Strong authentication services prevent the acceptance of data through the use of falsely claimed identities.

Confidentiality :- Confidentiality services prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data as it passes between communicating parties.

Data origin authentication and integrity :-  Data origin authentication and integrity is provided by a hashed message authentication code (HMAC) value, which is included in every packet.

Encryption Layers :- 

IPSec protocols :-

IPSec uses two different security services for authentication and confidentiality.

Encapsulation Security Payload :- 

Encapsulates the data to be protected; does not provide protection to “outer” headers

ESP uses IP protocol number 50

Authentication Header :- 

Header is imbedded in the data to be protected; provides protection to full datagram

Components of IPSec :-


Modes of IPSec :- 

Transport Mode :-

  • Authenticates two connected computers
  • Has an option to encrypt data transfer
  • Compatible with NAT

Tunnel Mode :- 

  • Encapsulates packets being transferred
  • Has an option to encrypt data transfer
  • Not compatible with NAT

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