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Beginners Guide for Newbies in Internet Marketing

Over the past three decades, marketing has evolved at a rapid pace as it had to keep up with the fast-technological changes.

In the old days, traditional mediums and tools such as the telephone, newspaper, and the television were used to reach a larger group of people with ads. Often, the creative solutions were expensive but people had a longer attention span and the costly efforts were fruitful.

Back in the days, it was much harder to get into the marketing industry. In order to become a successful marketing manager, you had to deal with complex research techniques, do a lot of tests in real life and direct the creative team. Becoming a professional in the past meant you needed to have many years of experience in a brick and mortar marketing agency.

Nowadays, things have changed. Anyone with a stable internet connection and a computer can work in the marketing industry. The barriers to enter the industry are low however the competition is maddening.

The market is huge and you will have the chance to sell your marketing expertise to a lot of people. However, you need to build your expertise with hard work and dedication. It’s not enough to build your online profile or make your own website, you need to know how to drive results for people.

Don’t let the competition discourage you, it’s actually pretty fun to grow and learn digital marketing. There are unlimited sources and certifications that you can use on the internet to build your expertise. The perks of being a newbie and starting with marketing are that you have the control. You can manage and shape the growth of your expertise and career.

However, as a newbie, you will have to follow certain rules in order to get better results and work efficiently.

1. Don’t be afraid to try new things

You know many marketing professionals, you know what they do and how they do it but you are not quite certain about in what part of the digital marketing you would like to work.

In order to find out which branch of digital marketing will be the best fit, you need to try everything:

–    Writing content

–    Content curation

–    Paid Advertising

–    Growth Hacking

–    Strategy

You need to start working on tasks in order to find where you can give the best results. For example, many people have a false idea in their head about what paid to advertise actually is. They decide to do it and then feel disappointed by all the daily tasks they need to perform.

Be brave, give yourself time, approximately one year to find out what makes you happy and where you want to invest your efforts.

By being open-minded, you will also find more clients and people to work as you can and will know to do many tasks.

2. Learning from others mistakes is a great way to save yourself

The best part about the digital era is the fact that people are not afraid to share. You can find online many tests and best practices shared by professionals.

You don’t want to make the same mistakes. Learn from the best and you will drive better results for your clients.

3. Get certified and never stop learning

Many people will say that it’s all about the experience, which is partly true. If you are a newbie, you would definitely like to get all the certificates available online about digital marketing. It will immediately give you a competitive advantage on the market as people trust certificates and diplomas.

There are many free courses online that you can follow, for instance, the Google Academy, HubSpot Courses and finally if you want to become a pro, you can also pay for a Blueprint Certification.

You will learn a lot of new things and will be able to get new clients fast. By adding on your personal LinkedIn profile or on your Upwork profile that you are certified in a certain area, you are definitely increasing your chances to get more clients and even have a higher rate for the marketing activities that you will be doing.

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