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Bizi Is an Exquisite Personal Secretary App and One of the Best Do Not Disturb & Phone Silencing Apps

We all live busy and stressed lives. There is too much information, too much clutter, to much unneeded calls. So, if you want an app that will not only silence your phone, but also create various do not disturb scenarios, act like your own personal secretary and help you manage your calls smartly, then Bizi Personal Secretary is definitely a smart solution.

One of the Best Phone Mute & Do Not Disturb Apps

In today’s article, we proudly want to introduce you one of the best do not disturb and answering machine for android that is surely worthy of attention. The name of this incredible app is Bizi and functions as a personal secretary app that features multiple do not disturb scenarios and with the option to create your own! It’s translated into many languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, and Portuguese.

Put numbers on black & white list

The Bizi App is simple, one-click activation and features black and white list with which you can set only certain whitelist contacts to ring on certain occasions. There is also the option to enter to “vibrate” mode for every meeting and beep shortly when the meeting time is over and the sleep option also at least.

For more info visit the Play Store link where you can also download the Bizi App for free on your Android. Give it a try and share your opinions about it.

Google Play Download Link: Bizi – Personal Secretary App



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