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User Review – Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

User Review – Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

Of course, MS Outlook is the most natural option to view OST files. But what if you don’t have an Exchange profile or Outlook installation?

I was unable to view some OST files on employee systems as we had uninstalled Outlook from those systems. And this caused some problems for me in the beginning. But, recently I found a tool that helped me open and accessed the OST files without installing MS Outlook. “Kernel Outlook OST Viewer” helps you open every type of OST file on user systems.

About Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

Kernel OST viewer is a tool that allows users to view single as well as multiple OST files. With the help of this tool, users can easily open and read their email messages along with their attachments, view contacts, tasks, calendars, etc.

This free tool generates an instant preview of multiple OST mailbox emails with attributes as From, Subject, To, Sent, Received Date, etc. Users can also view deleted items with “Kernel Outlook OST Viewer.”

 Why I Use Kernel OST Viewer?

There are many cases when OST files fail to open within Outlook. It can be due to oversize or corruption of the file. So, to overcome all these issues, one of my friends recommend me to download “Kernel Outlook OST Viewer.” And that’s when I realized, how easy OST file viewing can be. This tool also allows users to scan and view the OST files without using an Exchange account.

And Outlook is not a flexible option when it comes to opening oversized OST files as it can cause error messages. Also, for some people, it is too complicated. Kernel Outlook OST Viewer is a brilliant option in all these situations.

Features of Kernel OST Viewer

Many features of this tool are impressive. Below I have mentioned some of the major benefits of using this tool;

  • Access to normal as well as corrupted OST files
  • Allows users to copy and print email list in HTML format
  • Provides a great and intuitive GUI
  • Provides reports for analyzing the OST data
  • Compatibility with all Exchange and Outlook versions
  • Works on every Window workstation, including Windows 10, XP, Vista, etc.

Drawbacks of Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

After using this tool for at least one month, I realized that there are no such drawbacks for this tool that can create a problem for its users. This is a very handy tool and can help you solve all problems related to OST files.

To give a better understanding of this tool, I have mentioned the installation and working process of “Kernel Outlook OST Viewer.”

Installing Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

The installation is very simple. Also, it doesn’t ask you to download any additional tool during installation. The steps are below:

1.Double-click the kernel Outlook OST viewer tool installer file. The setup wizard appears.

2.Follow instructions and provide the necessary details.

3.Now, install the tool on your system.

4.When a completion message appears on the screen, click the Finish

The Kernel Outlook OST viewer tool is ready to use.

Working Process of Kernel Outlook OST Viewer

Here, I am mentioning some steps that can help you use this tool in a better way.

1.After launching the tool, the “Select Source OST File” dialog box will appear on the screen. Browse the .ost file which you want to see in the OST viewer, and then click “Next.”




2.After clicking “Next,” the file loading process will start. Once the file loading process is complete, the tool will display all the email items in a tree-like structure in the left panel. You can navigate through the folders on the left panel to preview every items of the .ost file in the same hierarchy as seen in the MS Office Outlook.

3.If you want to save the OST email list, then click “Save list information to HTML file” button.

4.To generate the analysis report of the OST files, click the required report type on the right panel. Then select the required folders and click “Analyze.” The OST file analysis report will be generated immediately.

Using “Kernel Outlook Ost Viewer” users can easily view any mail or attachment. It also allows users to view the deleted items in the same manner as in MS Outlook.

Final Words

If you’re one of those users who are facing a problem with opening and viewing their important OST files, then I would recommend this tool for you. You can easily download this tool for free from Kernel Data Recovery. Kernel Data Recovery also offers some other important tools, such as OST to PST Converter. You can have a look at these tools as well.

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