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PHP and WordPress can work wonders for your business website – Find out how

PHP and WordPress can work wonders for your business website – Find out how

As a business owner, you must already know how important it is for you to have a strong presence on the internet in order to develop your business more and achieve greater success. It is not enough to have a business website these days, the cutthroat world of business marketing over the internet has ensured that competition is stiff at all times with marketing agents and strategists using every method possible to make their website get maximum exposure. Hence you will have to ensure that your business website gets maximum exposure in order to achieve online success. The process of search engine optimisation or SEO will help you achieve this exposure by giving you high ranks in search engine results. In this article, you will learn how by using PHP and WordPress you will be able to optimize your business website for search engine success successfully.

Importance of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS or content management system in the world; it is the best and the most popular website hosting platform also. Business owners like using WordPress to build their websites because of its inherent simplicity and ease of use. Not only is WordPress is free but it also has thousands of themes and designs which make it easy for business owners to be able to customise their websites with ease. WordPress has plenty of plug-ins and add-on tools available which make it easy for business owners and web designer able to create the site of their dreams.

Also, WordPress is essential for SEO success because search engines prefer to display websites which are on WordPress as it also lends a sense of credulity towards these websites. Sites made on WordPress will also be easy for integrating with social media platforms which further helps in search engine optimization. One of the key essentials of optimizing your business websites is by making your business website with WordPress. In addition to all of these, WordPress is also an open source program which means that most of the contents on WordPress are free and those that are not, like some themes, are priced quite negligible and are reasonably inexpensive.

Importance of PHP and WordPress

PHP is a computer language for programming and scripting in order to create websites which are quite dynamic and interactive. WordPress gets written by using PHP as the major scripting language and much like WordPress, PHP is also open source which means it is also free. PHP is, in fact, a language for server-side programming. If a user has requested to visit a web page which has codes written in PHP, the code will get processed by a PHP module which has been installed inside that web server. The pre-processor of PHP will then be generating an HTML output which will get displayed on the browser screen of the user.

As a language for web development, PHP today is the most popular language in use. Similarly, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system which is loved by business owners and web designers. Both PHP and WordPress are renowned for their ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and simplicity.

Business owners will find great comfort when they use PHP as the language of their core development, or if they use a content management system like WordPress which will offer your visitors an amazing interface which is user-friendly to work in. It will be of immense significance to your business website’s SEO if it is developed in WordPress and with PHP s the base. It will ensure that your site can be programmed and also customised with PHP as the scripting language. Software which is open source has resulted in presenting lots of opportunities to customise, and various types of business from all across the world will find it quite appealing.

Some of the benefits that you can get from WordPress and PHP for your business website:

  1. PHP is independent of platforms – You will be able to run PHP on all of the popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, all the flavours of Unix and also MAC operating systems. WordPress will offer business owners with similar flexibility. This will enable business owners to use both use PHP and also integrate it with new apps into the already existing website structure. You will not be required to change a lot of stuff also to integrate a newer website app.


  1. Both of these are free and also open source – PHP and WordPress are both open source. This will signify that they can get modified by simply viewing and then editing the source codes. As a result of this, business owners can now request the web developer to include all features which they want to have, and if necessary, the developer will tweak the source code for your pleasure.


  1. Provide support for most of the web servers – PHP and WordPress support all major web servers which are available. These will include Microsoft IIS, Apache, Netscape, iPlanet server, personal web servers, etc. This will result in more flexibility which is quite pleasing for business owners who want to make changes, and for business owners who have the right infrastructure already set up.


  1. Supporting various types of databases – PHP and WordPress will support numerous databases like MySQL, IBMDB2, InterBase, dBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite and so on. This will result in you having the ability to make large and highly demanding business websites which can be run for big businesses.

You can visit any leading Sydney Company, to learn more about how you can use PHP and WordPress to build your search engine optimized website.

Wrapping things up

Both PHP and WordPress are highly preferred tools for website development. Websites build with these two elements are highly friendly to SEO. As a business owner, you should try making your site with these two elements to get the maximum benefits from your online marketing efforts and generate more revenues.


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