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BlackBerry and DESNO Supports HMI Innovations

Blackberry Limited and DENSO Corporation announced that they have jointly developed the first integrated HMI platform. Also, Intel Corp has helped with developing this product. Due to their announcement, we start to see multiple changes within the hmi industry.

This HMI platform will have a system that operates and uses various HMI products such as sound and display inside the cockpit for a low price. This integrated hmi development platform will be available to car models scheduled for release after 2019.

With the improvement of convenience and automobile safety in recent years, the more data the vehicle transmits to the driver. Today, vehicles have multiple HMI systems; each requires a device-specific operating systems to work in unison.

Because the multiple OSes are controlled by multiple microcontrollers, it’s been hard for them to coordinate them to display sound and content uniformly.

Details on DENSO’s & Blackberry

The integrated hmi platform is believed to be the first of its kind and is developed by Blackberry and DENSO. It uses Blackberry’s QNZ Hypervisor for virtualization and Intel Atom Processor A3900.

The Hypervisor technology shows the independence of multiple OSes with multiple characteristics. For integration control, it uses a microcontroller to ensure that everything works.

With this architecture, multiple HMI products can cooperate together. This results in important information being displayed to the right devices with correct timing. Also, between cooperation between navigation center displays and instrument clutter, it’s now possible to show unity between your navigation screen.

Further, by updating your microcomputer’s performance, the performance processing for the screens is also updated. As a result, this leads to a cost reduction and improved R&D Productivity.

DENSO has created multiple HMI products such as car navigation systems, head-up displays, and instrument clusters that contribute to the convenience and safety of automobiles.”

Yukihiro Kato, the senior executive director of the DENSO, stated. “Leveraging the know-how and the technology acquired by developing these products, we created an information HMI technology will support the growth of automobiles in collaboration with Intel and Blackberry QNX.

Also with the integrated HMI, Intel has created a revolutionary and unique graphics sharing technology, that’s been optimized for your Intel Atom process A3900, to its development efforts.

This technology operates and prioritizes 3D workloads necessary for safety and 3D workloads of lower importance of the same processor.

BlackBerry and DENSO will have their own booths in the Consumer Electronics Show. This was held in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018. In those booths, they explained their future hmi development apps that will be released by 2019.

We expect that these apps will have increased technological features. For instance, we can expect self-driving cars. By 2020, it will become evident that hmi development software directly impacts the way we use automotive software.


Overall, hmi development software is used for industrial applications and innovations. DESNO’s and Blackberry’s merge will make it easier to develop high-quality hmi apps. Thus, we can expect to see them both create products better than their competition.  

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