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TOP 7 Cheap & Easy Apps to Stay in Touch with Friends Across the Globe!

Traveling abroad or even going to study somewhere to another country, you don’t have to worry about connecting to your old friends and relatives. You can connect then even living abroad and working non-stop. Speaking about traveling people, they want to be connected with their families all the time. Sometimes they want to share an amazing view or great pictures online. Sometimes, they just want to ask something or say Hello. Actually, traveling people have always many problems to solve. But most of their typical problems can be solved with the help of a smartphone. Are you surprised? Let’s see! You definitely need to rent a car in Las Vegas! It’s not a problem with the help of your smart app. You can compare car rental prices and learn how to avoid additional rent a car fees!

The same is about booking a hotel, restaurant, or getting in touch with friends. Do you still use Facebook or Instagram posts? It’s time for making changes. You have an opportunity to message, share videos, make calls to your friends even for long-distance.

1. Google Photos Albums

Sure enough, the best way to share your experience with friends is making photos. Stop e-mailing and suffering from the big size photos! You can use the endless useful features in Google Photo. Just create a shared album and add photos from you telephone through Android or iOS. There is enough space for more than 20 000 of pictures! Let your friends use your album and they can contact you easily, make comments, and download your shared files. You can add more albums to your account and make interesting collages. Don’t worry if you have never had this app before. Just pick the photo and tap add to album.

2. Collaborative Playlist

Is it about music? Yes, it is! Music is a very popular method to stay connected. You can use this music-streaming app to listen to your favorite songs everywhere and share them with your friends. Just create a collaborative playlist on Spotify platform and your friends can add your music to their playlist. The application is easy to control. Just tap add or delete.

3. Friends’ List App

Instagram is a popular platform for connecting with friends. But you have a list of close friends to share your special information with. Do you know about the Instagram useful functions to limit your stories to your close friends only? Try it. Just select your close friends and send them whatever you want. Nobody can see this information except for people, specially listed in your app. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?

4. Snapchat

Let’s talk about Snapchat! This is a kind of an app where you can share your snaps, meaning photos, videos, even text messages. The app is really funny, making your communication more interesting with the help of a big variety of emoji and stickers, different photo filters, masks, even games. You can share you unexpected pictures daily or hourly from wherever you are. This is the funniest and fastest way to message your friends, share your pictures, and say that you are ok and happy in your journey.

5. Marco Polo

This app is created for both platforms Android and iOS. It is very close to Snapchat. The app is very helpful when you are busy with your job, study or traveling. You can answer video calls, messages, comment under your friends’ post in your own time. Videos don’t have to be live. Just say Hello to your friends in the video and wait for the response video later. That’s really great to be connected with your friends and relatives at your specific time when you are ready to throw yourself into communication.

6. WhatsApp

There is no need to talk much about WhatsApp. This application is one of the most popular apps in the world. Also, this is the easiest way to stay in touch with your friends. You can contact to people from different countries freely. All you need is take your friend’s phone number. This is a kind of chat, where you can share pictures, create interesting pictures, send text messages and call for free. Also, you can send audio messages if you don’t like texting.

7. Friendship Lamp

Finally, it’s time to speak about the most interesting and a bit weird app, called the Friendship Lamp. You have many friends. They are far from you now and you want to feel them closer. Create a lamp. You can turn it on or off every time you want people know that you are missing them now. You can add or delete people to your friends’ list easily. The app looks very colorful. You can pick the color to each person so that you will always know who is thinking of you at the moment.

There are many interesting applications in the world that are helpful in connecting with your close people. Every time when you don’t have a physical opportunity to spend time with friends in the cafe because of a long-distance trip or any other reason, you can touch them with the help of your smart app.

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