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Choose a WordPress theme that loads quickly

What could be worse than a slow site to scare away visitors? Enter the address of the design demo on GT Metrix. It will give you two speed scores (which correspond to two different ways of measuring site speed). The closer the ratings are to 100%, the faster it is. I advise you to aim for at least 80%.

A design whose code is well written will tend to be fast. Be careful with very image-rich themes: images are often the heaviest on a blog so if you have images in your articles + a large header image + a large image for each post , the page can quickly weigh very heavy!

The design must be optimized for SEO

It is a subject in its own right and it requires basic knowledge of HTML. If this is your case, consider looking on the demo site if the design is optimized for SEO. For example, do images have an “alt” attribute that describes them? When you are on the page of an article, is the title surrounded by “h1” tags and the content structured with subtitles h2, h3, etc.?

Does the blog have a breadcrumb that tells visitors where they are at all times? Does the theme support displaying category descriptions and keywords? These are just a few examples, but if you have the knowledge to pay attention to these elements, think about it!

How to choose a WordPress theme: little bonus tips

To choose your WordPress theme, there is no point in rushing 🙂 Better to take a little time to perform some quick tests (mobile compatibility, loading speed) in order to avoid disappointments later. You also have to adjust to the theme of your website. If you run a business website, of course you must choose the most appropriate among WordPress templates for business. Likewise, when you run an educational website, educational-related templates are the best choice.

Concretely, to find the design of your dreams, there are of course specialized sites like Template Monster but also dozens of alternatives. For information, Template Monster provides a variety of quality templates that are divided into several categories.

Remember to look at comments from buyers or users, especially recent comments: if there are a lot of reviews, it is not very reassuring!

Finally, just think about walking around on the demo site to see, “feeling”, if it seems easy to navigate the site, move from one category to another, find what you are looking for, to use the menu. If you have a tablet and a smartphone, also visit the demo from these supports. It’s a good way to put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and spot any problems! By positioning yourself as an observer, you will be able to better assess a problem or situation. You can also make sure you only deal with the best portfolio website themes. Hopefully this article useful for you. Thank you for reading.

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