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How Technology Can Boost Business Sales

From tools providing automation to conversational aids and everything in between, there’s no denying that technology has transformed the way that we do business today. If your business has not yet made the move to take advantage of the latest sales technology advancements, then it’s time to take the leap. Let’s take a look at how technology can boost sales and marketing results and why you should include them in your business. 

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Everything is in the cloud these days; it’s a simple concept that allows you to integrate processes while simultaneously reducing several business risks. Sales teams typically must work with a lot of data that is shared between teams and individuals, which can become an issue when data is saved on hard drives as files need to be emailed or permission must be manually set in order to give access. As a result, time gets wasted and productivity drops. On the other hand, putting everything in the cloud and providing employees with access to work in files as required will speed the process up along with keeping the data safe and secure. 

Automate Emails

Email automation tools will not only make life easier but also help to build a strong relationship with your customers. Email automation software can be used to send information or newsletters to your mailing list and automate replies; you can spend time creating a sequence of emails that will be automatically sent to your target audience over time to help turn potential clients into paying customers. And, these programs can also help you with collecting data that can then be used to make adjustments to your email marketing campaign, in order to ensure a sequence that offers the highest ROI. Check out some of the email software options listed by PieSync here: https://www.piesync.com/blog/10-of-the-best-sales-and-marketing-tech-stacks/.

Many can be used alone or as a part of a strong tech stack for sales and marketing to get the best results. 

Invest in a Solid CRM Program

A good CRM software program can do a whole lot for a business. Not only can it send emails out on your behalf, but it can also keep you up to date with your clients – such as reminding you of their birthdays, which can help you build stronger relationships with them. A good choice of CRM program will keep important records and help sales agents quickly identify good and bad leads. In addition, a customized CRM software program that offers artificial intelligence forecasting will help you make the best decisions when it comes to leads and give your business a better chance of turning them into sales. 

Utilize Live Chat

Finally, we’re living in an internet era these days and people are moving rapidly from traditional marketing to online marketing, which usually offers higher ROI and better overall results. As a business, it’s crucial to utilize the several options offered by online marketing. Live chat, for example, can often be more effective at convincing customers to make a purchase compared to email and phone calls and is much faster when it comes to solving customer problems. 

Which of these technologies are you already using for your business?