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DNS Hacks for Faster Web Browsing

DNS Hacks for Faster Web BrowsingDNS Hacks for Faster Web Browsing :-

The DNS (Domain Name Server) directs your browser to websites when you type a URL, but the one used by your ISP may not be your best option. DNS Jumper can find a faster DNS and switch to it automatically. I will also show you how to set up groups of servers for different purposes.

1 Download DNS Jumper, extract all the files and run it. Under Select Network Adapter, click the arrow  for a list of your available adapters, including LAN (wired) network and Wi-Fi. The folder icon shows your network connections. Click the arrows to refresh the list.


2. Under ‘Choose a DNS Server’, click the arrow to open a list of available servers. Default is the DNS server chosen by your ISP. If you know which server you want, select it and click Apply DNS.  To return to the default at any time, click the star icon and choose Default DNS.

3. Click Fastest DNS to find the fastest server based on your location. In the window that opens, click the boxes next to the servers you want to compare. Click Find Fastest DNS to run a test of each server’s reaction time.

Select your choice and click Apply Fastest DNS.

4. To remove servers from the list, click the cog icon  to open the DNS Settings. Select a server and click Delete. To edit one, select it and click Add. To add a server, click Add and type its name and address. Click the Row arrows to move a server up or down the list.

5. You can choose to clear your DNS cache each time you close the program. To clear it immediately, click Flush DNS on the main screen. To return to your original settings, Click the star, then Restore.

 Enjoy your fastest Faster web browsing.

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