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Enhancing Your Business Visibility: Why Explainer Video Is What You Need To Be Noticed

Enhancing Your Business Visibility: Why Explainer Video Is What You Need To Be Noticed

Nowadays, because of the huge amounts of information we face all the time, attention span is shorter than ever. Some studies even suggest that it is smaller than that of a goldfish — less than 8 seconds.

Though this exact statement is quite questionable, one thing is for sure: you have only a few seconds to catch the attention of someone unfamiliar with you online. And if you manage to do this, chances are you will be able to tell them more about yourself and get more customers in the nearest future.

Today we will talk about one of the most interesting tools that are able to overcome this challenge — the explainer videos.

Explainer Video: What It Is and What Benefits It Offers

The definition of explainer video may be as follows:

It is a short piece of animation that introduces business, explaining its idea and mission in a bright, simple, and memorable way.

When it comes to explainer videos, we usually mean exactly animation though explainers may be real videos as well. The thing is high-quality real videos are often too hard for a smaller company to create just because their production is too expensive.

Explainer animation provides more cost-effective opportunity and, what is more, it may deliver even better results. It is bright, colorful, and easier to perceive, so it instantly grabs the viewers’ attention. It is often more emotional and less official, so the company introduced in it feels friendlier and closer to its audience.

Main features of explainer videos are:

  • Brevity. These are short (less than a minute), extremely engaging, and at the same time meaningful videos that encourage watching them till the end.
  • Simplicity. They convey the clear message, explaining the core of the business in a way that will be fully understood by the audience.
  • Focus. They focus on the customers and their problem, showing the attractive solution.

What Explainer Videos Do For Your Business

Apart from its main purpose that is introducing the company to its prospective customers, explainers are able to do even more for your business:

  • More brand awareness. Professional explainer promotes your company’s branding making it more recognizable.
  • Boosting online visibility. High-quality website explainer video encourages people to watch it from the beginning to the end. This way they stay on your website longer, which is highly appreciated by search engines.
  • YouTube visibility. YouTube is the second biggest search engine today. Explainers help you to take advantage of its huge audience and reach more prospects.
  • More conversions. Informative and fun animated explainer video increases the possibility of conversions and shows your prospects you care about them.

The best thing about explainer videos is that anyone can get one. For example, one of the companies that can help you gain all the advantages of explainers is Topexplainers. This explainer video company offers 100% custom tailored videos that will help you to create a high-quality result for an extremely attractive price. On its website, you may take a look at examples of what you can get and make sure that this company is able to deliver all the above-mentioned promises.

Final Word

There are actually quite a few tools that can really help you to attract people’s attention for long enough to be remembered. And there are even less of them that can make people not forget about your company’s existence right after they close the tab. Explainer videos are one of them (if not the only). Consider ordering one for your business and you may be amazed by the result!


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