As opposed to Android, Apple leaves little room for its users to manoeuvre in terms of optimizing the integrated system. In spite of this, you can give your Apple device a perceptible performance boost with the use of the right tools and settings. In order to do this, first check whether your device works with its handbrake tightened. We also show you how you can secure Apple’s operating system against attacks and how you can protect your personal data from the possibility of getting hacked. Towards the end,
we provide you with an overview of the best alternative system apps.

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Secure the operating system

387 security loopholes were discovered in iOS in the past year alone. And even if Apple fixes the vulnerabilities immediately, not everyone installs the update right away. The newest version, iOS 11, has been installed merely by 60 percent of all users (as of: December 2017).

It is for this reason that attackers can infiltrate the system with malware via the bugs
in the system and control the devices from afar. Jailbreaks are possible up to version 11.1.2 as well. Only users with the latest variant, version 11.2.5, are safe from all known attacks.

In order to see whether an update is available for your system, go to “Settings” and then to “General l Software update”.

Even if you have not updated the system regularly, you must check whether any kind of malware has taken over the device. Although Apple forbids the use of an anti-virus solution for iOS, there are other ways to discover an infection. One such method is to use the free tool made by the developer Lookout that is known as SystemGuard. The program then determines whether certain areas of the system have been manipulated.

Protect against data- and device theft

In order to counteract the loss of your data, it is suggested that you do not just keep your iOS up-to-date while you ignore the rest. It is necessary for you to assign an effective PIN protection and device protection as well.

Use at least six characters for the code, the most ideal combination being a unique, alphanumeric password. To customise the PIN code, go to “Settings” and then select “Touch ID & Code l Change code”. In the “Code options”, you can decide how the access code can be composed.

For an activated TouchID, it is best to use an alphanumeric password. You will be asked to enter this only rarely. Admittedly, even the fingerprint scanner has successfully been attacked in the past. If you want to play safe and deactivate the TouchID, assign at least a 6-digit numerical code.

The device itself can be equipped with a special anti-theft protection. With this, you can remotely delete the data from the iPhone and track the device. Upon deletion, the smartphone becomes a piece of electronic waste for the robber, because he won’t be able to activate the phone without the appropriate iCloud account.

In order to activate this protection, go to “Settings” and click on your iCloud name right at the top of the menu. Then, select your device further below and activate the toggle in front “Find my iPhone” – that’s all.

If you have lost your smartphone, open the icloud.com website in a random browser. Once that is done, click on “Find my iPhone”. With the “Erase iPhone” button, you give the command to reset the device to the factory default mode. As soon as the telephone receives the command, however, you will no longer be able to locate it. In return, the entire contents are completely erased.


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