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How Much Does It Cost to Advertise a Small Business?

It’s always good to know about advertising costs before you start marketing your business online. Learn the average advertising costs for small businesses here.

Advertising costs in the United States are estimated to hit $129.34 billion this year. These costs will rise by a further 66.8% by the year 2023. The trends intimate additional expenses on advertising for business owners in the future. 

Small enterprises are currently harnessing the power of online advertising as the internet increasingly broadens the scope of marketing. You probably are considering increasing your business’ visibility online through digital marketing.

However, you do not want to launch into these uncharted waters without conducting due diligence. It’s always good to know about advertising costs before you start marketing your business online. Learn the average advertising costs for small businesses here.

Google Ads

Google has emerged as a leading search engine, with over a billion active users per month. Advertising on Google can be a significant step towards boosting your business. Small businesses consider Google Ads critical drivers of additional website visits. 

Google Ads can also often help you increase the overall foot traffic to your physical locations. But these advantages come at a cost. The ads on Google are priced based on a pricing model. You may either consider the search or the display network models.  

On average, the cost of an ad on Google will be between $1.00 and $2.00 per click. This means that your small business may incur on average $9000 or $10000 in total monthly advertising costs. But you can run cheaper Google Adwords campaigns depending on your budget and the network of the platform you choose.  

Google Adwords offers a reliable Pay Per click option that is suitable for customers in different industries who need services such as construction advertising. Such needs are unique and require a strategic marketing approach to ensure tangible results. 

Average Advertising Costs for Small Business Using Facebook Ads 

Facebook had over 2.41 billion monthly users as of June 2019. These statistics present Facebook as the most popular social media platform currently. Imagine the extent of marketing advantage your business would gain out of such an online market.  

Most businesses consider Facebook Ads to be some of the most affordable and effective advertising options. If you intend to reach new audiences, this would be an option worth considering. Facebook Ads have become vital drivers of website traffic in recent times due to the ability to sustain visibility. 

Using Facebook Ads gives you the advantage of controlling your allocation for advertising expenses. This means that you can get more out of your advertising budget. On average, the advertising prices on Facebook will range below $1.72. The average cost per 1000 impressions on Facebook is $7.19. 

You may end up paying more for Facebook Ads depending on your industry, niche, and location of your business. However, you can reach more audiences on Facebook Ads by observably moderate pricing. 

Advertising on Instagram

If you ever doubted the impact of Instagram advertising, then you better think again. Instagram currently has more than 500 million daily active users. This means that on a single day, your products or services are visible to millions of potential clients.

Instagram can tailor your ads to fit varying goals while reaching targeted audiences.  You have the added advantage of using visual ad videos on Instagram to market your products. Your average advertising costs for small a business incurred during marketing will provide better returns on Instagram, considering the visual imaging option you have.

Instagram will charge you on average $5 to $6.50 cost per a thousand impressions. While this is close to what Facebook charges for Ads, Instagram has the added advantage of combining visuals and ad campaigns. 

Visuals have a remarkable effect on advertising as compared to text-based advertising.

Average SEO Costs

Your visibility on social media and other popular platforms is critical when advertising. However, the process is incomplete if you lack a reliable landing page for your services and products. Search Engine Optimization has become an essential tool in online marketing over time.

Your small business is likely to get more website traffic if you have a formidable SEO strategy. But for you to ensure constant traffic on your website, you must be willing to invest in a reliable team.

On average, working with an SEO expert will cost you between $80 and $130 per hour. Once you can pay this amount, you will ensure that any communication with a customer occurs through the website. Having an active website means that you can advertise your products and services on your website, through a landing page.

You may incur a high initial cost of setting up a website for your business if you do not have one already. But as soon as this is done your advertising costs will reduce. 

Coupon Deal Sites Costs

Another common approach to advertising for your small business involves the use of coupons deal sites to make quick sales. Most coupon service providers have massive audiences from local, regional and national business contexts.

This approach allows the business to focus on the influx of new clients in the market while still selling to repeat customers. Most of the coupon and deal websites charge a commission on the goods sold. In most cases, the affiliate money is between 2% and 10% of the total selling price depending on the store.

If you decide to use this option, it is likely that the coupon and deal sites or the affiliates will not charge unless the product is sold via their platform. This means that if the product was listed at $100, you only need to pay $2- $10 as the affiliate commission. Coupon and deal sites may be a cheap option when looking for average advertising costs for small business

Your Online Advertising Needs Are Now Simplified

You may have been uncertain about the best approach to advertising for your small business. One of the recurrent concerns when seeking marketing options is the worry that the average advertising costs for small businesses will be extremely high. However, with these guidelines, it is possible to compare and settle for the most affordable option for your enterprise.  

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