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How to Choose A Best Online Fax Service

When talking about different communication media, fax is among the popular and safest ones. Although it has its origins from a long while ago fax remains to be in the hearts of people and is still used a lot.

It would not be wrong to say that the new and advanced ways, like Gmail, have lessened the use of fax but it has not completely vanished. It is still in use by countless individuals as well as organizations all around to send and receive archives. Millions of faxes are sent around the globe each day.

The major factor that played part in the lessened use of fax is the tiresome work needed for setting up and then using fax machines, maintaining other things like paper and toner. But people who have a love for this old school could not let go of faxing. That is why faxing was changed a bit and was made better in the parts where it was lacking.

Nowadays, faxing is not as troublesome as it used to be in the early times therefore people are using it more and more. In the present day, you can easily deliver your files through faxing with the help of the internet. Internet is available almost everywhere in the present age hence it is not much of a problem.

It is not like only the internet is required to make faxing possible at the present time. Online fax service is required to make internet faxing possible and work efficiently.

Why is an Online Fax Service needed?

Online fax services work as a translator between the internet and fax and translate the work of these two media. A translator, in the shape of online fax service, is necessary to make these two forums work together because otherwise, they would not be able to communicate efficiently.

Faxing is an old technique and works through telephone cables. On the other hand, the internet is a worldwide coverage hence it works digitally. The difference between their operation techniques makes it difficult as well as impossible for them to work in correspondence.

The result is that an intermediator fax service is required for efficient faxing communication.

How to choose the Best One?

Now that we know all about online fax services, questions arise that what is the criteria for finding the best fax service that suits all your needs and provides quality highlights as well. How can one choose from among the innumerable fax services present on the internet that which is the best one?

Well, find yourself lucky as you are not going to go through all of this hassle. You have come to the right place to have all the answers to your questions. Here, we will guide you fully on which one is the best and why is it considered as the top one all around the world.

CocoFax – The King of the Online Faxing Arena

You don’t need to go anywhere else to find the perfect and best online fax service for yourself. You are at the exact place to find about one. The one being talked about is CocoFax, one of the best online fax services that provide faxing services with the topping of some of the finest highlights.

Actually, it would be correct to say that CocoFax is the ONLY best fax service in the market as no other competitor can even come near it, leave alone crossing it. CocoFax is so good that even some of the big and international media outlets like Forbes, PCMag, New York Times and PC World have reviewed it in the best words.

Where notability and reputation are concerned, CocoFax has millions of customers and still counting. CocoFax is increasing its network with each passing day.

CocoFax lets you fax locally as well as globally. That, as well, from the device of your liking. Whether you use a computer, laptop, tablet, MacBook or even a smartphone, you can fax from each of the above-mentioned devices from any place you like. Just make sure that your device is effectively connected to the internet.

CocoFax has eradicated the need for impractical hardware necessities like huge fax machines, paper, and ink, etc. CocoFax has made faxing so much easier than before that it is idiomatically as well as literally a walk in the park. If you have a need to send important fax while you were having a stroll in the park, CocoFax is just the right place for you.

Pre-requisites for faxing through CocoFax

As we told you before that there are no complex things required for online faxing through CocoFax. Just assure that you have some simple things which are mentioned below.

Internet-connected device: As it is online faxing that we are discussing, hence internet is required without any kind of doubt. Make sure that the device you are using for faxing purposes is connected to a stable and well-established internet connection.

CocoFax account: To use the top quality faxing services offered by CocoFax, you must first sign up with it. The registration process is not a complex one but is rather simple. Just visit their official site and follow all the steps until the end.

Fax number: Fax number is like the ‘heart of faxing’. Faxing cannot be done without a fax number. CocoFax takes care of your needs and gives you a fax number that is completely free of cost.

Faxing through CocoFax Online Dashboard

There are multiple ways to fax through CocoFax. all of them are easy and convenient but here we will talk about the CocoFax online dashboard that is a great way of sending and receiving faxes. There is no complicated procedure. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you are all set.

Step 1: Signup with CocoFax to get started. Choose your free trial number and also provide your name and email address which you want to associate with your CocoFax account.

Step 2: After the successful completion of your signup, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can compose new fax. Click on the ‘new fax’ button and provide all the relevant details.

Give the fax address of the person receiving the fax in the ‘To’ field. In the ‘subject’ field, you can write something which you wish to have as a top note of your faxing document. In the ‘Cover Page’, fill in the text that will appear on the very first page of your document.

Attach your faxing document and then hit the ‘send’ button. when your fax reaches its destined place safely and successfully, CocoFax will notify you with a confirmation message that will be sent to your online dashboard as well as to the email id you gave during the signup.


With this guide, you would have all your fax-related questions answered. Now that you know all about the best ever online faxing service, you do not need to look anywhere else. The best online faxing service – CocoFax is now at the palm of your hands.

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