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How to get a government job with 7th pay commission salary and perks?

Indian students dream of government jobs in private sectors jobs for plenty of facilities. Every second person is either preparing for the government examination or collecting information about the same. However, the government sector is also creating plenty of job opportunities for the job aspirants. With this, the level of competition is also increasing day-by-day. For most of the job aspirants, it is common to ponder over which job would be the best option to choose for, which department would be the best to work with along with several other questions.

Need for government jobs noticed a shift

Gone are the days when securing a position in the government sector would add prestige for the entire family. But considering the present scenario, students willingly take up jobs in the government sector. It offers much more than only security. Though the presence of government jobs was overshadowed by the introduction of lucrative IT jobs in the 2000s, it came into being as per the present scenario. Many foreign countries came into being with the introduction of the LPG model adopted by the government.

With the change in the professional field, the need for government jobs has increased, and job aspirants started to value government jobs once again. With the coming of the 6th and 7th pay commission, the perks and prestige of government jobs have brought in the attention of more job aspirants applying for the same.  There have a significant revision and change in the salary and other facilities offered out to the employees. Now, with a lot of changes, there has been a significant change in the exam and syllabus pattern of the exam as well. Cracking the competitive exam in the first go might prove to be a challenging task.

Changes in the pattern of examination

Therefore, the students are taking up coaching classes to crack the entrance exam conducted by different departments such as PSU, banking sector, IES exam, and others. Apart from the coaching classes, the job aspirants can also take help from the online courses available that provide quality assistance to the students. Starting from study materials to tutorial videos, you can complete your preparation with the help of online materials. This has become more beneficial with the advent of technology.

Some of the sectors that are creating job opportunities for the lakhs of candidates appearing for the exams every year are enlisted further. Getting a secured position in your dream job would free you from all financial constraints.

Different Government sectors jobs

  • Public Sector Unit – If you are planning to crack the entrance exam conducted by India Oil Corporation and Coal Indian Limited. Every year, more than 10 lakhs applicants apply for various posts offered by CIL. Apart from high pay scale and security in the service, the employees are offered residential accommodation along with medical and other medical benefits.
  • Indian Administrative Service – Jobs offered by this sector is prestigious and offers a good salary package and other benefits. In this service, employee can the opportunity to get positions under the Central and State government and other PSU units. Other than salary, other benefits include accommodation, government transportation, lifetime pension and job security is offered.
  • Banking Sector – Securing a position in any government jobs gives you responsibilities other than high scale salary. In the list of the government banks, State bank tops the list that conducts examination both for its officer and clerical cadre. Similarly entrance examination is also conducted by other banks.
  • Teaching jobs – When candidates are trying to secure a position in the teaching jobs at government schools, various parameters and criteria are set for the same. One has to crack the NET or the National Eligibility Test in order to get a secured position. The CBSE conducts the NET exam on behalf of University Grants Commission. Other than good pay scale, the teachers can enjoy ample holidays who planning to start their career as a teacher.

However, whichever sector you are aiming to pursue your career in such as banking, IES, and others, you have to follow certain tips such that you are able to qualify the entrance exam in the first go.

Tips to crack government exams

  • Try to maintain your positive attitude – Securing a place in the government sector is not that easy as it seems to be. Although, most of the job aspirants dream of getting a place in the government sector, but only a few of them succeeds in overcoming the hurdles and making a secured position. An individual has to go through a lot of entrance exams, and screening processes before their jobs are confirmed, and thus they have to maintain positive attitude throughout the exam procedure.
  • Prepare yourself properly – Starting from the entrance exam, you should be well informed about the topics in group discussion and personal interview round. If you can prepare yourself in advance, it would help you to gain confidence, and you will be able to qualify the hurdles easily. Unlike the private sector jobs, the government departments conduct exams in various levels followed by group discussion and personal interview round. Also, preparing for the test would help to enhance your knowledge.
  • Have optimistic mindset – candidates might come across the news that the scope for the government sector jobs are decreasing day by day and they might be disheartened due to the same. Without the indulgence of others, get the information cleared from the internet and try to apply for the ones that are still available. Try to get the right kind of job and conduct rigorous online research before applying for the same.
  • Know well about the department – Before joining in your desired department, try to acquire some knowledge about the same and try to acquire information how it benefits the government. It would help to go through your training session easily. Also, you should be well aware about the perks and advantages that the department offers for each of the designations. So, each of the candidates should be well researched before they apply for any position in the government department such as banks, IAS, IES, and others.


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