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How to get real followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram or how to win followers on Instagram, is one of the worries that take away the sleep of many users and digital marketing professionals?

It can be achieved through different forms, and that is what we will see in this post.

But before, it is interesting to make a brief historical analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s new toy.

If there is a platform that is clearly up, it’s Instagram.

Until very recently it was the social network of the youngest, which looked askance at Facebook, where their parents were. However, little by little it has been gaining followers in all age brackets and brands are increasingly betting on this platform.

All this has led to the fever of the followers arrive here as well. Users want more followers, brands also and while Instagram rubs their hands watching their users upload month after month and imagining all the money that will win with advertising.

That’s why in this mega post of how to get followers on Instagram we tell you the professional way to get it.

Why get more followers on Instagram?

Whether you’re a company or a person who aspires to create a community, you have to ask yourself why you want to increase followers on Instagram and how to get Instagram followers quality and professionally.

If all you care about is the number of followers there are two infallible techniques.

  1. You can buy followers: there are many tools that for a small fee increase the number of followers. As many as you have bought.
  2. Follow users without stopping. As if there was no tomorrow. Until Instagram tells you that you have reached the maximum of the day.

Why I do not recommend these techniques of how to win followers on Instagram

The only thing you will get is to increase the number of followers, but with it you will not have any benefit.

What’s more, being a brand will most likely go against you. Because I do not know if you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. And that Instagram recently created the company profiles and changed its algorithm.

All this will lead to the famous Edge Rank, Facebook algorithm; will move (one way or another) to Instagram. And it will make if your posts do not have interaction, reach fewer and fewer users each time. Which will lead you to have less engagement and, as I told you before, you will not have any benefit.

It is much more important to create an active, real community that truly cares about your publications and your stories.

If you get this, obviously, the bigger the community, the better.

How to get followers on Instagram

I will not fool you. Gaining quality followers on Instagram is very difficult and requires a lot of work and many hours.

However, I will discuss several techniques that may be useful for how to get followers on Instagram :


Use the hashtags with heads.

This is not Facebook or Twitter, so do not be afraid to write 10 or 12 … but do not either.

It is important to be clear about which hashtags are most appropriate for each publication and can bring you a good return. Because it is no less true that using many generic hashtags are also a source of false followers or interaction performed by bots.

Sweepstakes on Instagram

They are a classic. If you do them well, you can win a quality community. But always with a head.

What do I want to say? You have to keep in mind what your target is, and make the prize something that really interests this target.

With a wrong example you will understand it in a simple way:

“If you sell women’s underwear, it does not make sense for you to give away a camera or a Tablet in a raffle.”

Many people who are not your target will participate just to try their luck and see if they win the prize. And, as we have said before, this will eventually work against you because it will lower the interaction percentage of your posts and that will lower the reach of them.

Interacting, connecting people with people

I have bad news to give you. Give him hours. Talk with your followers. Like in your photos. Discuss them in your posts altruistically and selflessly, without spamming.

Surely some contact of yours that did not follow you begins to follow you.

Instagram Influencers

Today they are a key figure for many brands.

And make a little gift or reach an agreement with an influencer who mentions us, publishes stories or an image with our product; It will increase our visibility and increase our followers.

Collaborations with other Instagram accounts

If we want people who do not know us to see us, we will have to have a presence in profiles of others. For this we can reach agreements with other accounts whose followers can also be our followers.

Make a joint draw.

Organize an event between several accounts.

To reach an agreement so that you share content and mention each other. Trying to generate conversations in which users can participate.

Find a way to establish win to win collaborations on Instagram.

Reposting other publications

It’s like the retweet of Twitter or the sharing of Facebook.

What you get is to generate visibility and let you know if you mention other users.

Instagram Ads

It’s a fantastic way to increase your visibility.

It is managed from Facebook Ads and you can segment in detail the users you want to contact.

Although there is no specific campaign to increase followers in this network, it is clear that if your brand appears in your target’s feed with an attractive advertisement, your community will increase.

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