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HubStaff: Grow Your Business with Time Tracking Software

Most of the employers spend their day tracking and tracing their workers. They keep a check on their employees to find out whether they are working aptly or not. But is this the way that an employer or businessman should spend his day? Well, no! So, why not go for Hub Staff! This online time trackers for freelancers software works as a software on your mobile phone or desktop and helps you to track time efficiently.

The desktop timers allow you to take screenshots from time to time to keep a check on the activity levels of your remote employees. No matter you are driving or working, vacationing or out for presentation, you can keep a track of your employees’ location via GPS.

When you are working on an individual or multiple projects, you need to time your employees for better development and efficiency. All you get to do is just log into Hub Staff and see how much time is being spent on each projects and what their activity level is. So, you can actually see how the project unfolds and executes right in front of your eyes. The best thing is that you get random screenshots from the entire time frame so that you know what’s really going on. And not just this! The app even tracks the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes that your employees make.

The monitoring software of Hubstaff allows you to see the usage status of your employees’ internet, no matter where they are working and track their time. You can keep a check on the number of websites they visit and the number of hours they spend on every site. It will help you shortlist which is the most productive team and who is the most efficient member and who are the less productive employees of your time.

Thus, you can get a glimpse of which apps are being used by your employees more often. Every time they open a new program, you will know about it. And not just this! The automated payroll permits you to set your onetime payment modes as the time comes; your payment receives its desired location.

You can also create and see online employee schedules for your team. It makes employee attendance simpler and allows you to handle your staff schedule. It will alert you if any employee misses or comes late for work. So, it will enhance their productivity.

Bills and payments recording and payouts are managed very easily. You can create automated invoices and you will never have to make your invoices manually again. So, for any fixed payments, just set your time tracker for freelancers and you can do it without any problem.

Businessmen have always desired to find a tool to measure the productivity of their employees and Hubstaff is just the right way to do it. Envision your employee’s activities and stack your team with just the best ones. It is your money and you should spend it smart on your most capable employees.



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