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Hybrid Events Invitations – What Do You Need To Know?

The world is heading back to normalcy. Many companies are moving haste to include in-person components in their virtual events and virtual components in their physical meetings to make a hybrid event. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has forced people to hold events virtually. Although this was a drastic change from how we used to do things, many people have had brilliant success.

Because virtual events have several benefits, it would be best to blend the two as organizations return to in-person events. Hybrid events are what we get from blending in-person events with virtual events. Mixing the two creates the issue of addressing hybrid event invitations. Continue reading to learn more about the hybrid event invitation. How do you make invitations for the hybrid events? What are the factors to consider? The article will also share some tips to be successful in hosting hybrid events.

Hybrid events invitations

These are the requests sent by the hybrid event organizer or convener to people requesting them to attend an event. The invite shows where and when the event will be held. Because of its hybrid nature, the invitation should combine both online/ virtual invite and physical invite. It ensures that the people willing to attend the meeting virtually have that option. Otherwise, they can attend the meeting physically. So, what does a hybrid event invitation entail?

The Location

The hybrid event invitation should have a clear direction to the location where the event will be held. If the invitation is electronic, the GPS location or embedding a Google map is the best way to give the directions. With a tap of a button, the attendees can go to the exact location of the meeting.

However, we can classify the locations into virtual and physical addresses. The virtual address is the name of the platform where you will hold the virtual event. Virtual attendees need to know the platform where the event will be held for proper planning.


The next vital component of a hybrid event invitation is time. The invitation should reveal the time the event will begin and when the event will take place. Informing the attendees of such details in advance helps them plan and prepare for the event. The preparations include making the internet connection, settling moments before the event begins.


The invite should show what the event is all about. Is it a product launch event? Is it a trade show or an exhibition? What does the event entail? The agenda helps the participants decide whether it will be beneficial to attend. Alongside the agenda, some organizers include the list of guest speakers.

Delivering the invitation

Having seen what a hybrid event invitation entails, how do you deliver it? There are several ways in which you can send a hybrid event invitation to the attendees. However, the most common way to deliver the invitation for a hybrid event is through email. Sending the invitation via email is beneficial to attendees because they can integrate the invitation with the calendar. They get a notification as the days to the event approach. You can also send some invitations physically by mail. The platform should also allow you to embed your registration form.

Linking hybrid events invitation to the platform

One of the recent trends in hybrid events is linking the invitations to the platform on which it will hold the virtual component of the hybrid event. By doing this, the event organizer needs not to include the virtual location of the meeting as it will be the attendees will be redirected automatically to the platform.

Factors to consider when sending a hybrid event invitation

Sending a hybrid event invitation is not just about handing letters and sending emails. There are several factors to consider when sending a hybrid event invitation for it to be successful. These include;

The location of the intended attendees

As we saw, you can send the invites physically to the attendees. However, they may be in distant places, rendering this method of delivering the invites futile. Therefore, before sending the invites, consider where the attendees live before sending the invites.

The platform

The platform on which virtual attendees will connect in person is the next thing to consider. Does the platform allow for the integration with an invitation? If it does, integrate your hybrid invitation with the platform and send it as an email.

However, it is considered a better practice to send a physical invite, followed by an email. This combination makes the invite seem official.

The attendees

The other thing to consider is the attendees. Consider things like the culture of the attendees because some are sensitive to their culture. You do not want to send a message that offends the attendees, making them skip the event.

How to write an event invitation

Writing an event invitation is an art. Catch the attention of the prospective attendees while also delivering the message, inviting them to an event. So, how do you write a hybrid event invitation?

Including Key details (Date, location, time)

Regardless of the invite, you are writing, there are vital details that must appear. These include the time, date, location, and duration of the event. As we saw above, you must include the address for the event. You can embed Google maps if you are emailing an invitation. Ensure you include login information in the invite.

Including a catchy phrase to the invitation

If you are using social media to deliver the invitation, ensure to include a catchy phase. It increases the CTR (Click Through Rate), leading to an increase in attendees. A catchy phrase makes the attendees feel welcome when they open the invitation. The message should also be friendly.

A catchy email subject

Although designing a catchy email subject for your hybrid event invitation can be difficult, it is among the best ways to catch the attention of the attendees. People decide to read a post or an email based on the subject and, having a catch one boosts your views.


A hybrid event is not complete without attendees. Therefore, you have to be effective in delivering the hybrid event invitations. How effective you are beginning with designing a friendly invitation and selecting a method to reach as many potential attendees as possible. Hybrid events are here to stay, and we better be ready for this disruptive change. Knowing how to write a hybrid event invitation letter ensures you get the attendees for your events. It determines how successful the hybrid event becomes.