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Minimizing noise in electric linear motion systems

Almost all people in the whole world prefer to work in silence. Nowadays, our life becomes more and more automated. Of course, modern technologies and machines make our daily life easier. However, some pneumatic systems can generate different kinds of noise, which can irritate a lot. As for the electric linear motion systems, they usually work rather quiet. But still, they can generate some noise as well. So, in this article, we are going to look through the main ways to minimize noise in electric linear motion systems.

 The main sources of noise in electric linear motion systems

  In fact, there are two main sources of noise in electric linear motion systems.

  #1: Ground Loop Path.

 This can happen because of system’s sections are connected to the various earth grounds. Basically, the earth grounds with various electrical potentials can have an undesired current, which can generate some noise.

  #2: Induced noise or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

  Units of the electrical circuits can operate as an antenna, producing some noise and transferring it to the nearest equipment such as a linear actuator. Actually, this can happen not far from the actuator servo drive systems. In other words, the noise from switching signals will be induced in communications lines. And vice versa, the noise from power cables and communications lines is induced by the electric linear servo drive systems. In any way, the system productivity is impaired.

 How to minimize noise?

  In accordance with the Internet website https://www.progressiveautomations.com , noise from various sources should be minimized in different ways.

  Minimizing ground loop noise

 It will be better to use a single-point earth ground for the whole system. If it is impossible, you can also connect the grounds physically, but with a low resistance wire. However, 10 ohms will be enough. Both variants can restrict the flowing current between the grounds, decrease the risk of a ground loominimizing, and as a result, it can minimize ground loop noise.

  Minimizing induced noise

 There is a list of specific rules how to minimize induced noise. They are:

– Use short cables instead of long, as long cables can receive and emit more noise.

– Try to avoid various cable and wire coils.

– Separate all the cables and fix them mechanically.

– Put encoder and motor cables separately (the space between them must be at least 2 inches).

– Utilize correctly communications and shielded motor cables.

– The cable shielding must be grounded on the one end of the cable.

  Communications Viability

 In fact, the device-to-device communication can be interrupted because of the interference.

How to minimize noise in communications cables:

– Utilize only twisted pair cables to repeal electromagnetic interference.

– Utilize shielded cables, which are certified for the industrial environment.

– The cable shielding must be grounded on the one end of the cable, as grounding on two ends may cause a possibly noise-producing ground loop.

– Avoid various coils and utilize only short cables.

– It will be better to fix all the cables. In another case, much motion can lead to wires daisy chaining.

Well, as far as you can see, electric linear motion systems can emit some noise as well. Moreover, this noise can cause some serious hardships and consequences. That is why it is very important to do everything correctly. So, we provided you with the list of the main rules for minimizing noise in electric linear motion systems. Just follow them and everything will be good!

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