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Mobile Gives the Gaming Industry a Supplementary Life

Nowadays the smartphone industry becomes one of the most fruitful as well as fast-growing industry. The mobile game industry is growing fast and become the daily activities for mobile users. Due to rapid diffusion of mobile phones all over the world, the mobile game holds a number of exciting possibilities for new business models and growth strategies. Smartphones have been a big catalyst for the gaming industry’s growth in recent years, thanks in big part to their presence like rumyittips.com playing its key role in iGaming industry and you can also join the wagon with no deposit bonus code. In the developed world, nearly everyone has a smartphone in his or her pocket these days. While the quality of those games typically isn’t as high as that on Xbox games or PC, they have expanded gaming’s horizons, and made the art form accessible to more people. And there’s reason to think mobile gaming will only get bigger. As Newzoo said in its report, the growing focus on new technologies like augmented reality should open up more opportunities for mobile game developers going forward.

Mobile Is Overtaking Console Games Globally

Games are big industry globally, and mobile gaming is taking an increasingly larger chunk of the pie. Players are spending more time and money on mobile gaming, with mobile game revenues projected to overtake console games, topping $30 billion globally this year. Granted, consoles are still dominating in the U.S. market, though the mobile market is booming in Southeast Asia and China, and things are quickly catching up state-side and gaining huge momentum.

The Rise Of The Casual Gamer

PCs and Consoles have dominated the market in the past, but as the smartphones are becoming more powerful day by day an increase in casual gamers has caused mobile platforms to eclipse them. This group often has limited interest and/or time to spend on games compared with console and PC gamers, who tend to take gaming more seriously. The ability to pull out a phone and play a simple, quick game such as ‘Angry Bird’ on the way to work or during a 10-minute coffee break is a big part of mobile games’ appeal—as well as their business model but that doesn’t mean that smartphones are not capable of playing graphics intense games, games like PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt 8 are some examples from many graphics intense games which gamers can enjoy wherever they want. Many of these games offer in-app purchases for new features or add-ons, such as characters or objects related to the plot of the game.

The Future Of Gaming

In recent years, mobile has really come into its own, and people both in and outside of the games world are taking it seriously. Some may look on mobile’s disruption of the gaming industry as alarming, but there’s no denying it’s paving the way for future innovation and bringing gaming into the lives of many new players across the globe. According to a recent estimate, mobile gaming will see a rapid growth in the coming years. By 2020, mobile is expected to generate 60% of the total gaming market revenue. The total value of the mobile gaming market is expected to almost double from $49 billion in 2018 to over $95 billion by next year.



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