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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Blogger Outreach Service in 2019

Building high-quality backlinks through a blogger outreach program are one of the key components of a good content marketing strategy. In simple terms, blogger outreach is a marketing tool that involves promoting your product or service or brand name via guest posting on popular blogging sites.

As easy as this may sound, building and executing an effective blogger outreach program is a time-consuming and effort-intensive process involving several steps, from reaching out to influential sites in your niche and convincing them to publish your content to creating and distributing content and analyzing the results of your campaign.


Because of these complexities, many business owners simply choose to outsource blogger outreach and link building to an agency with expertise and experience in the domain.

A well-designed and resourceful blogger outreach campaign can remarkably increase your online visibility as well as boost traffic to your site. If you haven’t done it so far, now is a good time to hire a competent local agency for this important job. Here are three reasons why.

Access to a pool of influential bloggers

A blogger outreach agency that specializes in serving your industry will have a robust network of influential bloggers, content managers and website owners, which they will leverage to promote your brand on relevant sites.

While a small business may try to do this on its own, it can never accomplish the vast pool of resources that a reputable agency would have created over time. In addition, finding high-authority sites in your niche, writing emails, waiting for a positive reply and sending reminders can itself take a few weeks, wasting both your time and money. This is one of the key reasons why more and more local companies, regardless of their size, prefer hiring an outreach service to connect with influential sites with a large readership.

Industry-specific marketing strategy focused on results

When you choose to work with experienced digital marketers, you can rest assured of top-notch service and value for your money. An agency worth your while will design an outreach program after understanding your needs and the nature of your business. It will study your competitors and create and publish content that promotes your product or service without reading like a sales pitch.

The entire purpose of building quality back-links through guest posts is to increase traffic to your site and thereby boost your revenues. With this end goal in mind, a good agency such as Outreach Monks will use its know-how to identify your target audience and reach your potential customers where they spend most of their time online.

Stats-based analysis

A good content marketing agency would have the resources and infrastructure to support its work with detailed and easy-to-understand reports so that you can understand how your program is performing. This may not be possible if you’re running a small-scale guest blogging campaign in-house. Armed with useful insights into your digital marketing activities and measurable results that justify your spend, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions.


This article has been contributed by Saara Green she is working with Submitcore. Along with writing, She also has some Programming and content marketing skills.

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