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Should I Buy an Instagram Account for My Business?

That’s the very common question that I have heard from my friends and my clients in the past a few months when it comes to Instagram with a big number of followers.

Based on my research buying and Instagram is very tricky, “what that means?”. If you have no time to grow yours or you think it might take too long to create one and grow it daily from zero followers to couple of thousands, you are right! Growing Instagram is very difficult now days compare to two years ago. Since Instagram changed all the algorithm for the explore page on your Instagram App that your content could be shown there based on people likes and get your post viral in the explore page to grab attention from users then gain followers. Although that’s awesome but its very difficult now days. There are some growth services such as Labgram, that they follow the users interaction strategies in order to grow your account through the people that might be interested in your content. It could be helpful but not a magic!

Hence, many businesses or even some people who are trying to be known for their talent, and they are not patient anymore to wait for a couple of years in order to grow their account. They start thinking about buying an Instagram account from another influencer, believe it or not, its happening right now. Moreover, the most basic and important of the growing your account and getting more users who are interested in your account is the quality of the content, quality content is everything.


The first question is “is okay with Instagram that I bought my account from someone else?”. Based on my current research and going through Instagram policy, they do not like that and they do not encourage you to buy an account. They want you to start your own account and post great content do you can gain followers over time. However, they are not going to ban your account or take an action on you since you bought your account from someone else. Though, you will get banned if you post inappropriate content or you post someone else content without mentioning and tagging them in the caption.


Now the second thing you might think of is what kind of account should I buy? and what I really need to check before buying an account? The most important thing that you should always remember before buying an Instagram account, is the account that you like should be in your niche or field of your business. Thus you can take the advantage of the users who is interested in your business which enable you to generate leads.

If you have a local business, its better go for an account with at least 5% to 10% followers from your country or even your city! If you think that’s a small percentage, you are wrong because its very hard to find an account with let say 50% US followers since the Instagram is a worldwide app and people from around the world following many accounts based on their interest.


Make sure that you ask for the account insight statistics to check the gender of the followers and the other information that has been provided from Instagram to match with your business in the better way.


A last and the most important thing that you will face is where should I buy an Instagram account? According to my research, there are some accounts on Instagram that they mention the account is for sale in their bio. But another question will pop up here “how can I trust them to send the money?” or “what if I send the money and I get scammed” all these questions are valid and these are the concern of buying Instagram.


I thought of using an escrow service for the transaction might be helpful, so I checked out the escrow.com since they are a well know escrow service in the world. Unfortunately, escrow.com doesn’t cover the social media transaction, it’s mainly for jewelry and even domains, not social media accounts.


I found another website called Social Tradia, they say we are specialized only in providing an escrow service for social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. The only issue I found is the escrow process might take a couple of days, but its seems to be the process speed depends on how the two parties act and respond! Moreover, there are some accounts on their platform which is from people who want to trade their Instagram account for money! The interesting part is you can also negotiate the price with the seller’s trough their offer system.


The last words that I can share with you, is if you want to buy an account or not, you need to remember to post quality content that your followers like to see! Basically, people follow your account for a purpose so make sure that they see what that they want to see, which is quality content in your niche. You can post daily but I recommend 3 to 4 times a week is perfect. Remember Instagram is a powerful tool you can leverage to your social media marketing and take it to the next level.




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