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Six Writing Apps That Will Make You a Better Writer

Experts say that iOS devices are not suitable for creating content, let alone writing a book. It is doubtless more convenient to use a desktop computer or a laptop when typing text; however, it is wrong to claim that the iPhone and iPad can’t be used for writing at all. In the App Store, there are quite a few good applications that writers, journalists, and bloggers use. That is why we have chosen the best six iOS writing tools for writers.

iA Writer

This is one of the most popular apps for writers because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. The best feature of iA Writer is that the Mac version of the application allows you to synchronize your writings on iCloud and access them from anywhere.

Writer Pro

Writer Pro is an application developed by the iA Writer team. This app has features that allow you to work in the different stages of writing: outlining, writing, editing, and reading. It also has a focus mode that allows you to zoom in on the paragraph you are working on at the moment. The only thing that might scare you off is the price, which is $20. For this money, if you are a college student, you can get somebody to write your essaysfor example best essay writing service from AU. But, if you need the tools to create a high-quality essay or article, Writer Pro is your best bet


This is an advanced tool for working with text on iOS, and it is great for if you are just becoming a writer. You can insert pictures and there are extensive Markdown text options for if you are working with HTML. If you are engaged in creative writing, which is not only textual but visual, and you seeking an app with great text formatting functions, Byword is an app you should definitely consider.


This is a good alternative to the Byword app, because Write has a number of additional features. To name just few, the application supports the Fleksy keyboard, it allows you to share your writing with a number of different services, it has 16 fonts to choose from, and it has a dark mode for typing in the dark. The app has positive reviews in the App Store and many writers enjoy using Write when they are creating a short story or some other short form of writing.


This is a standard application for working with text documents from Apple, and its functionality is close to its desktop counterpart. You can save your writings to iCloud and work with tables, which you may need if you are writing a science book. If you need a text editor with some extensive functionally, Pages is the way to go.

Write or Die

This is one of the most intense writing applications on the market, because it comes with three levels that are designed to force you to write. The first level will give you a visual warning if you stop writing, the second makes an extremely aggravating sound that plays until you start working again, and the third – kamikaze mode – will start deleting your text one word at a time if you stop working. If you have a problem with finishing what you start, this might be the best application for you.

Six Tips to improve your writing skills

Read a lot. Reading enriches your vocabulary and fills your speech with certain language constructs, which are rarely used in oral communication.

Try to recite simple texts in writing. After reading an article in a magazine or online, try to summarize the essence of what you have read in a written form.

Expand your writing. Try to convert a 300-word piece into a 500-word piece.

Elaborate on the questions you answer in your writing. Try not to answer a question in one sentence.

Keep a diary. Write down some interesting experiences and thoughts from your day-to-day life.

Start blogging. Write about what you know and share your knowledge with the world through blogging. As you improve your writing skills, you can move on to writing articles or even books about the topics that interest you.