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Solving Printer Problems in easiest way

Solving Printer Problems in easiest way

Solving Printer Problems in easiest way ?

Today I am going to show you easiest way to solve the most common printer Problems.

Below mentioned free tools will be help you to resolve the most common printer problems.

HP Print and Scan Doctor  utility :-                                                                    Quickly diagnose and resolve many printing and scanning errors, network connection problems, and driver issues. Supports Windows XP and later.

Following are some common problems that the Print and Scan Doctor can resolve easily:-

  • Printer is Offline ‘ or print jobs stuck in the print queue
  • Missing or corrupt drivers
  • Connectivity issues
  • Firewall issues
  • Scan error messages

HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows :-                                                    Automatically find the best available print driver for your new printer, or after upgrading your operating system. Supports Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • You cannot find your driver for Windows.
  • You need help using your HP printer in the same way you used it with your old operating system.
  • You are not sure which driver you should select.

 HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility :-                                                                      Helps resolve jams, carriage stalls, and copy or scan mechanism issues. Checks ink levels and troubleshoots print quality issues. Supports Windows XP and later

Following are some common printing issues or error conditions that the Hardware Diagnostic Utility can help you resolve easily:

  • Checking for Low Ink Levels
  • Paper Jam
  • Carriage Stall
  • Original (document feeder) Jam
  • Out of Paper
  • Paper Mismatch
  • Blinking Lights
  • Door Open
  • Print Quality


Microsoft Printer Fixit Solution :-

Automatically fix printing issues like printer does not work, unable to install printer, cannot connect to a network printer and other printing errors.
What it fixes…

  • You are unable to install a printer, connect to a printer, or print more than one job at a time
  • You receive an error indicating your Print Spooler service is experiencing problems
  • You receive an error indicating your <PRINTERNAME> is not the default printer
  • You receive an error indicating: <PRINTERNAME> cannot be contacted over the network
  • Identify if your printer is turned off
  • Identify if your printer toner is low or empty causing your print job to appear faint or it does not print at all
  • Identify if your printer paper is low or empty
  • Identify if the printer has a paper jam which is preventing it from operating normally
  • Identify if a print job that is in the print queue is preventing other print jobs from printing
  • Identify if you need to update your print driver
  • You receive an error stating that your Plug and Play printer %PRINTERNAME% has encountered a driver problem
 Enjoy your Printing.

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