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The Best Logo Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Design Stand Out

Having a good logo that stands out from the rest is very beneficial. Click here for some amazing logo marketing and design tips.

Launching your business soon or are you rebranding? Are you hoping to gain more traction and market visibility by attending trade shows or an online campaign?

Regardless of your reasons, you’ll need a powerful logo marketing design. Your logo, at a glance, tells people everything about your business.

Yes, it can be daunting to create a logo since a lot is riding on it. Don’t fret, though, we’re here to guide you through it. Follow our tips below to design an amazing logo:

  1. Keep It Simple

When it comes to logo marketing and design, don’t try to overcomplicate things. A simpler, cleaner design is always better. Simple designs are elegant to look at and they’re easy to identify.

Want some examples? Look at the logos for Apple, Samsung, and Nike. They’re all simple vector images without fancy typeface or intricate borders.

  1. Check It in Black and White

Don’t add colors right away! Before you do any extravagant coloring, make sure you check the design in black and white. Invert the colors and check how it looks that way too.

Why is this important?

You want to make sure your logo looks great even when printed in monochrome. There might be instances when you have to print your logo without colors and this method ensures you can still identify it when black and white.

Go back to this step after adding colors. Open your image file in Photoshop and check how it appears in greyscale. If things start to blend, there’s something wrong with the way you arranged the colors.

  1. Color Psychology

Your logo says a lot about your brand and the colors you pick can imbue certain emotions or expectations with your audience. Don’t believe this? Consider how people feel optimistic when they see the yellow logo of McDonald’s or how the blue color in PayPal gives off a formal, business vibe.

There is something called color psychology when it comes to business branding. Green gives off a feeling of creativity and nature, red indicates aggressiveness, and orange has a friendly vibe.

Plan before you add colors to your brand. Pick colors that evoke the feeling you want people to associate with your brand.

  1. Tie the Design to Your Brand

Logo marketing and design should always evoke the essence and theme of your brand. Note down what your business stands for and then narrow elements down to their most basic form. Focus on the things that stand out and the elements people will remember.

If you run a shop that sells high-end clothes or kids, you should focus on three elements: kids, formal presentation, and clothing. Now play around with these elements to design the logo.

This method ensures you never stray too far from your brand’s identity.

  1. Long-Term Design

Are you crafting a marketing logo for an upcoming tradeshow and you need it emblazoned on a big banner? Don’t design it solely for that banner! Design your logo for the long run.

How will that logo look when shrunk down to the size of a lapel pin or a letterhead? How will your logo look when expanded on a 4K resolution screen or when in motion?

To create a long-term design, make sure you use a tool like Adobe Illustrator. This allows you to create vector images, which don’t pixelate or blur when you alter their size.

  1. Stay Clear From Cliche Designs

Make sure your logo marketing doesn’t replicate popular designs. You don’t want people to look at your brand and call it a rip-off. Stay clear from cliche ideas too.

If your business focuses on coffee, don’t take the Starbucks logo and slap your company’s name on it. Don’t settle for a generic logo design either, using nothing but a coffee bean or coffee mug in the main image. These don’t stand out and people won’t remember them.

Go back to the method above: pick the core elements that identify your brand and build from there. Stay unique!

  1. Consider Different Applications

While designing your logo, consider how it’ll look on other objects. You might one day hand out promotional pens, hats, or lanyards.

Your logo has to look good when printed on these items. If you print your logo on a marketing pin, for example, people should be able to identify it even on that small scale. Consider how your logo looks on a big shirt and then how it might appear when printed on a thin business pen.

Want to learn a few tricks about this type of marketing method? You can find out more here.

  1. Visual Double Entendres

Your logo is more than an image and some text. The negative space around and in-between can help evoke more emotions and ideas.

Take the FedEx logo as a great example. The space between the last two letters creates an arrow, evoking the idea of moving forward. This works in FedEx’s favor given they’re a logistics company.

Amazon plays with this technique too. The arrow in their logo goes from A to Z, representing how their company sells a wide variety of products.

This style of portraying two meanings in one image or word is a double entendres. If you can, implement something like with your logo too. Visual double entendres help make a logo stand out and become more memorable.

  1. Always Add a Spin

Does your logo use a cliche, generic-looking object? Give it a small spin and it can instantly become more memorable.

Apple’s logo, at its core, is a generic silhouette of an apple. However, it stands out due to the small portion cut out. No other logo features an apple with a sliced-off section.

Burger uses a generic burger image. They made it unique by squeezing the brand’s name right where the patty should be.

Take Advantage of These Logo Marketing and Design Tips!

Logo marketing and design isn’t something you can accomplish overnight. Take time to consider every element and what they mean for your brand. After all, first impressions last and you want people to think positively each time they see your logo.

Of course, marketing doesn’t end with your logo. If you’re looking for more great tips, feel free to read our other guides today. You may discover amazing new methods to boost your business!


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