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Why Linux is Better than Windows

Why Linux is Better than Windows ?

Today i am going to explain why Linux is better than Windows.

1. Forget about viruses


Linux hardly has any viruses. Of course, a Linux virus is not impossible to get. However, Linux makes it very hard for this to happen, for several reasons:        

  • Most people use Microsoft Window
  • Linux uses smart authorization management than Windows  In Linux only with root command you           can install any software. Now a days with Windows vista,7 & 8 windows launch a Runasadministrator option.
  •  More eyes make fewer security flaws. Linux is Open source software, which means that any programmer in the world can have a look at the code (the “recipe” of any program), and help out, or just tell other developers “Hey, what if blah blah, isn’t this a security flaw?”. 

   2. Is your system unstable? 

If you are worry about system crashes Linux is better option for you. Linux can run for years without needing to be restarted (most internet servers run Linux, and they usually never restart).

3. Don’t pay $100 for your operating system :- you can get Linux completely free of charge. No need to pay more & more for up-gradation.

 4. Update all your software with a single click :-

Linux has a central place called the “Package manager”, which takes care of everything installed on your system, but also every single piece of software your computer has. So if you want to keep everything up-to-date, the only thing you need to do is press the “Install Updates” button down there :

or use $ apt-get update command to update all your software.

 5. Need new software? Don’t bother searching the web, Linux gets it for you.

 With Linux, everything is much simpler. Linux has what is called a “package manager“: each piece of software is contained in its own “package”. If you need some new software, just open the package manager, type a few keywords, choose which software you want to install and press “Apply” or “OK”. Or you can just browse existing software (that’s a lot of choice!) in categories.

6. Let your old computer have a second life

Linux runs perfectly well on older hardware, on which Windows 7 would probably even refuse to install, or leave you waiting for 20 seconds after each click. Of course, Linux won’t make a race-winner out of your 12-year old computer, but it will run very well on it and allow you to perform usual tasks (surfing the web, writing documents, etc.) just fine.

 The few cases where you should stick to Windows :-

1. Proprietary software

2. You are Hardcore Gamer

3. You work in the Book/Printing Industry

4. Your hardware is not yet supported

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