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Why You Need to Use AI in Cloud Computing

As a business owner, you will be required to pay attention to every aspect to promote efficiency. You might have heard or read about the increasing role of artificial intelligence in cloud computing and you’re wondering how you can incorporate it in your business. It should be noted that every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial that you look at both aspects before making the decision of incorporating it into your business.

AI and Cloud Computing

Before we can look at the benefits of using AI in cloud computing, it is important to understand the two aspects. The concept of artificial intelligence can be traced back to as early 1950s. It has evolved over the years and there are constant improvements almost on a daily basis.

The rise of AI has been possible thanks to computing trends like mainframe systems and centralization. The combination of cloud computing and AI is probably the main reason why the internet has become a success.

Even if you have a robust cloud presence, the business is still likely to fail because there is a disconnect when it comes to translating the ideas into reality and this is where AI comes in. Here are some of the benefits of AI in cloud computing.

Improve IT Infrastructure

This is perhaps the main reason why you should be using AI in cloud computing. AI has the potential of transforming the whole IT infrastructure in the organization. There is increased competition for most enterprises and a business needs to do all it takes to have a competitive edge. There are vendors that are creating IT solutions that come pre-built solutions for both storage and computing resources. These systems need to be connected in order to improve the operation of processes in the organization. AI will help the IT infrastructure in place to prepare for new demands.

Easy Data Access

With AI, data access is easy and fast. This is also one of the reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about doing the integration. AI relies on data to make improvements. Cloud storage holds massive amounts of data with some being unstructured. Data analysis is always going to be a challenge. Data is useless if it can’t be used. You might be looking for a GeocodeAPI but what is important is the final output after the crawling. With AI, the data that is stored can be presented in a logical format that can be used with the business in the decision-making process. With artificial intelligence, you will never have to worry about delays and accessibility when trying to get your hands on the data. The organization is able to gain insights into and scalability that are set by industry standards.

Data Mining Applications

You can use data when you don’t have it in the first place. There could be challenges of linking up different data sets. AI can help with the synthesis of different data sets so that helpful information is being identified. The information that is processed can be used to make business decisions.

Artificial intelligence can also help with managing Big Data. There is a constant flow of data almost on a daily basis in a business setting. This, in turn, increases the responsiveness of the cloud environment.

Better Analytics

The use of AI cloud computing will lead to better analytics in the long run. You just need to pick relevant data reams for the processing which will, in turn, lead to useful information necessary for the decision making process. There is the potential of saving on costs when there are automated systems. You don’t have to hire data analysts when artificial intelligence can do the work. Text analytics can take a lot of time if it is being done manually. AI can go over text-based data to determine a pattern. The more information, the better the AI becomes when it comes to analysis.

Reduced Costs

The combination of AI and cloud computing is aimed at reducing costs. The decision to opt for cloud computing will get rid of infrastructure expenses in the first place. When you add AI, the costs reduce even further because there is no need for on-site data centers.


The use of AI in cloud computing can also help in improving security. Information processing takes place in a cloud environment. AI is able to detect if there is a problem with the processes and send out warning alerts for the same. This will help in preventing unauthorized access to the cloud environment.



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