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How do young people properly intern in IT-company

After the end of the school year, students actively begin to search for work. And the first obstacle on this path is that most companies are looking for advanced professionals. And the main requirement for applicants is experience.

At the same time, IT companies are often very loyal to students and offer a variety of internship programs, allowing young candidates to become established as demanded professionals in the future. For those who decide to go further, the practice in large IT companies becomes a good basis for further career development.

What does the training give to young people who have received an IT education, or to students who are in the process of learning this specialty?

Have a look at a specialty from inside

Personal experience is always better than an outside view. It’s much easier to find out how a company works, what growth prospects exist, and to understand an industry from inside.

Try on the profession

When you get an opportunity to live the working day of your chosen profession, understand what goals are set, and how to solve them, you can come closer to the answer – is it your profession or not.

Get experience

Without experience, the probability of your employment tends to zero, and the IT internship is a real opportunity to get it and give an effective career boost.

Level up your resume

A record of an internship at an IT company would be a big plus in finding employment. The employer seeks to fill the vacancy designed for beginners by a person who already has an experience.

Get real position in the company

Often, during the internship of an IT specialist, the potential shown is noticed by people in senior positions, and as a result they offer cooperation on an ongoing basis.

Meet the right people

Contacts can play a crucial role in a career. People will work first and foremost with those whom they already know and trust. Therefore, expand the circle of professional dating.

Get experience from the pros

It’s worth a lot to see how specialists work, how they solve different situations. Especially when you can ask for their advice.

Of course, internships only in dreams go smoothly. For a month, beginners need to have time to penetrate into the product, not everyone can do something worthy for the first time.  You should be ready for this.

The Pro-Papers experts have compiled a selection of tips for interns of IT companies so that your internship will be as easy and as successful as possible.

Learn, don’t wait for you to be taught.

Curiosity and initiative are the main qualities of a good intern. It’s great when an intern learns something, and does not wait to be taught. And it’s very bad when an intern waits for a “command” from a mentor to write even some simple code. Companies like those who seek knowledge. Expand your professional horizons, go to conferences, read books on your specialty, discuss with your colleagues new information for you and ask for advice.

Do not overestimate yourself

In an attempt to approve themselves, young people can overestimate their own strengths, take many tasks and end up doing them badly or fail them altogether. Gain momentum gradually.

Do not be afraid to advise

If you do not understand something, do not waste precious time, ask more experienced colleagues, because the task of an internship in an IT company is to adopt the best practices and get ready for work.

Inquire wisely

Do not ask anything, thinking that this shows interest and increases the chance of finding a job. Ask only thoughtful questions and only if you cannot google it. This will help to establish yourself as a person with a solid approach. A prospective intern (and an employee too) asks the right questions, this suggests that he/she understands his/her tasks, and not just does it at random.

Separate theory from practice

Not everything that you were taught at the institute can be implemented in practice. For example, the company can install outdated software that is incompatible with IT innovations that teachers have so enthusiastically told about. Hence – another very important warning for interns – never scold the programs and equipment installed in the company. If you know something really better and at the same time more economical, then delicately and unobtrusively describe all the advantages.

Be patient

In large companies, decisions, as a rule, are made carefully, having passed several instances of agreement. Have patience and take it for granted that you will have to go back to the same task several times, making sometimes scanty changes.

Pay attention to networking

Find out about trainings and other company events that will help you gain an additional knowledge.

Don’t sweeten up

Don’t try hard to please the team – this behavior will be notified and will lead to the opposite effect of rejection. If you show a healthy interest in tasks, fit into deadlines and are sincerely interested in the project you are working on, the team will accept you both as an intern and as a beginner. A sense of humor and a positive attitude towards everything will smooth out the first days of uncomfortable feelings in a new team.

Follow company rules

Corporate rules include internal rules, dress code, schedule of events. Study and follow them and your internship in an IT company will be much more positive.

The labor market dictates its own rules, and today we see that most companies, prefer candidates with relevant work experience even for initial positions. Based on this, an internship is a good chance for a student to get first commercial experience, and for a company it is an opportunity to replenish their ranks with a talented employee. An internship at an IT company is a great way to pump your career. After passing it, you will significantly improve your own knowledge and chances of obtaining a position.

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