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Your guide to selling your old iPhone

Some things in life are inevitable, like the changing of the seasons, the passage of time, or Apple releasing a new model of iPhone. Some iterations seem bigger or more significant than others, but whether you skip a generation or not, eventually you’re probably going to upgrade your iPhone. This guide will give you some tips on how to get the most money from your old iPhone the next time you upgrade.

Evaluate your old phone

The value of your old phone will heavily depend on the condition it’s in and how old it is. Newer phones are typically worth more, so an iPhone 8 will be worth more than an iPhone 4. The closer to the current generation, the better. Other factors, like whether it has 64GB, 128GB or more storage space and the colour can have an effect on how much it is worth.

If you don’t know your 64GB iPhone 8 from a 32GB iPhone 7, find someone who can help you figure it out. Knowing this information will be essential to getting the most from your phone.

Research the value of your model

There are plenty of online marketplaces that buy phones. Some are general, like eBay, while others like Sell My Mobile, Music Magpie or Handtec specialise in selling old phones. Both are good places to research how much phones just like yours typically sell for. This is an important step to give you a good idea of roughly what you should expect to get from selling your phone, so that you don’t set your expectations too low nor too high.

Choose the right marketplace

Once you’re ready to sell your old iPhone, it’s better to do it on a dedicated platform for selling phones than somewhere like eBay.

If you choose to sell on eBay, you have to take responsibility for every aspect of selling the phone. You will have to list the phone, make sure the details are correct, respond to any enquiries, hope it sells and then package and post it. It’s a lot of effort and you won’t even know for sure how much you’ll get if you sell via an auction.

Sell on a dedicated phone platform

Dedicated services like Music Magpie, Gecko Mobile and Sell My Mobile make the process of selling your phone much easier. These companies have services dedicated purely to helping customers sell their old phones. You get a guaranteed price that is fixed and known ahead of time for your phone and there is no hassle of dealing with customers or returns.

You simply select your phone’s model and additional specs and you will get shown a price you can choose to accept or not. If you accept, then either you will have to send your phone off to them, or they will send you a pre-paid envelope or collect your phone. You’ll usually receive your money with a day or two of your phone being received. No fuss or hassle!


It’s very easy to end up with a collection of old, out-of-date phones. Don’t get bogged down with old electronics that you’re never likely to use again – instead, make some cash from them! Once your phone is factory reset, your data is gone and it’s just like any other phone. If you’re not using it, get rid of it and make some money while doing so instead of letting it sit around in your drawers collecting dust!

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