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4 Questions to know for the beginner to inbound calls

If you are new to this term- inbound call marketing or tracking, then this post is for you!

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the basic doubts and questions being asked by professionals who are just starting with the inbound calls or planning to do so.

These questions about the call tracking software will help you identify the use cases related to the pay per call, benefits, and most important, whether you should use it or not.

Let’s start and see those basic but most important questions about the call tracking. Here we are focusing on the pay per call campaigns where inbound call tracking plays an important role in the success.

#1 What is an inbound call

Inbound calls are all those calls which your system receive from the customers or potential customer. Comparatively, this is the new form of marketing and is getting lots of buzzes these days due to its benefits and ROI.

In this form of advertisement, the advertiser creates a campaign and then the publisher advertises it. On the banner, a number will be mentioned, and a valid lead is being considered when someone takes that number and calls the center.

Once a call is made, the lead is considered as valid and the publisher will be paid. How much he or she will be paid depends on the duration, location, timing, niche and many other features. You can check pay per call estimator to find out the best ROI on that.

#2 Is Inbound calls beneficial


Here your potential customer makes an effort to call you that certainly means they are interested in your service. And a little effort from your side can easily convert that into the lead.

But again, it depends on your ticket size and the niche where you are working. Pay per call is not much recommended for small ticket size business or less profitable business. So, you should do the calculation whether is valuable for your business or not and then start with it.

#3 What will be my conversion rate?

Well, if you are currently doing any kind of digital advertisement, you must be understanding the pain in conversion. If you will look into the web-click kind of advertisement, you can get somewhere around 2% of conversion. This may vary a little depending on the product or service you are selling but the average remains around 2% only.

Whereas if we talk about the inbound calls, the conversion rate is around 26-30% which is multiple folds to any other form of advertisements. And so, you can easily rely on inbound calls. The income will majorly depend on your conversion rate, lead size, and profit you are making. You can check pay per call income earning potential to have an idea.

#4 How easy it is to start with inbound calls?

Pretty easy!

Once you have decided and evaluated your profit and plans, just connect with any pay per system and start your campaign. Your ads will start showing both in terms of banner ads and on google search display result like below-


These were the 4 most basic questions anyone should know who are just starting with the inbound calls. If you have further question, feel free to comment here.

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