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A Newverest Scratch Map: The Ultimate Gift for Travelers of All Ages

Picking out a gift can be tricky, no matter who it’s for. Do you go with something traditional like a tie or jewelry, or something fun that you know won’t last, like a handshake buzzer or grapefruit lip gloss? Well, Newverest.com has come up with a third option geared towards travelers that blows most other ideas out of the water—a scratch off travel map.

Put simply, a Newverest scratch map is a hands-on way to track your travels, plan future ones, and keep your vacation memories alive once your trip is over. Every time you visit a new state or country, scratch off the outer layer of foil from your scratch map to keep track of the places you’ve gone. It’s a lot more fun than pictures and will inspire you to see more of the world. 

Newverest puts out two types of scratch off map—a World and USA map. Within each type are different editions, including fun kid’s maps that make great gifts for toddlers and grade school students. You’re never too young to crave adventure. And they’ll love helping you plan family vacations.

For high school and college students, adults, and seniors, you can pick from any number of Newverest’s other maps. Are you searching for a gift for a globetrotter? Then you’ll want a world map. How about someone living in the USA?  You might want the USA Voyage edition. Take a peek at the Newverest.com online shop and see which scratch off travel map works for you and the person you’re buying it for.

We’ve looked around at other brands of scratch off map, and we just haven’t found any that really come close to Newverest. The thing about Newverst.com is that they print every scratch map they sell on high quality paper that keeps the scratch map looking good for years to come. You can even frame your scratch map and hang it on the wall. It becomes a beloved part of your home instead of just another gift you use once and then forget about.

Did we mention that every Newverest scratch map is hand drawn? They’re so much nicer than those mass-produced maps you might’ve run into before. There’s just no substitute for artisan quality. This is the kind of map that will get travel enthusiasts excited to see more of the world and spark anyone’s imagination. 

Give it at holidays, birthdays, anniversaries… there’s no wrong occasion for a scratch off travel map. It’s a totally unique gift idea that is great for kids, students, families, solo travers, and couples. And we’re betting that it’s not something they’ve already got at home. And by the way, Newverest.com doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for their maps. Every scratch map they sell is easily within most budgets. If you’ve got a traveler in your life, give them something they’ll actually use and truly enjoy.

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