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Advantages Of Standalone Cameras Over Smart Phone Cameras

Advantages Of Standalone Cameras Over Smart Phone Cameras

 Most people often do away with the desire to buy a dedicated and standalone camera. This is because in today’s world smart phones come with some great quality image and video capturing facilities. Hence, many of us are often led to believe that it is not worth spending big money on DSRL and other types of compact cameras. However, it is quite possible that such a decision to not buy a compact career may not be right. But this again would depend on the kind of images and videos which you would like to click and record.

As mentioned earlier, almost all makes and models of smart phone cameras are known for their ability to click some of the best images at all points of time. They are also easy to operate and therefore many beginners would like to place their money on these smart phones. However, there is no denying the fact that regular cameras or the standalone ones as they are called have their own advantages and benefits and therefore we should know the advantages of these DSLR cameras. Here are a few obvious points as to why it makes much better sense to go in for compact cameras if you can afford it.

The Best Of Zoom Features

 If you spend some time gathering information and also look at site like Keuzehelper you will be able to find out the reasons as to why these standalone cameras are a better option. They come with some of the best zoom functions and features. Even the best of mobile phone cameras do not have an optical zoom. They only come with digital zoom. The function of these digital zoom is to just re-frame and edit the photographs. This quite often leads to a situation known as pixilation of the image. This leaves you with no other option but to get as close to the object as you can instead of using the zoom. Hence if you are keen on getting these majestic extra-close shots you have no other option but to get the mobile as close to the object as you possibly can. Hence there is a possibility of the subject not standing out well against the background. However, when you buy a compact camera you would be in a much better position to do this more efficiently and smoothly.

Bad Light, Bad Image

Another problem with a smart phone camera is the quality of light and its impact on the quality of the image. Hence if you have situations where you have a less than optimal lighting conditions, then you can be sure that your image quality will be just as good as the light quality is. This is basically because smart phones have light sensors which are much smaller when compared to compact cameras or standalone cameras. There could be a few smart phones with CMOS sensor but the lack of a powerful flash does limit their performance quite a bit.

Images During The Night

 When the sun has set in the west and if you still want to take some good quality images, there is hardly any doubt that going in for digitalized stand alone cameras would be a much better alternative. This is because any good camera should be in a position to take pictures making use of long exposure time without movement. In the absence of light sensors in mobile phones they will not be able to capture the best quality images in a dark and dimly lit situation. Hence when you are going on a long walk it would be better to take a compact phone than any other option.


Further it has been found that smart phones are considered to be less adaptable and therefore when it comes to preset modes they are miles ahead of mobile phone. The auto focus feature of smart phones is also much better and consider much faster also. This could come into play quite a bit when you have to capture images that are on the move.


Hence when all the above features are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that choosing a compact phone is a much better choice. They come in different price ranges and therefore you will not be short on choices under any circumstances.

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