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Easily Increase the Quality of Your Code With These Helpful Tips

Finding an enjoyable way to make a living can help a person stay positive and happy. If a person loves to work with computers and on software development projects, being a programmer is a great option.

Most companies who hire computer programmers cite a willingness to learn new languages and disciplines as their number one hiring criteria. Not only will you need to keep refining your skills as a computer programmer, but you will also need to find a way to reduce the errors you make when writing code. While this may sound like a relatively simple task, it is actually quite challenging.

While using programs like https://papertrailapp.com/heroku-logging can help you discover errors once a program has been deployed, you need to find a way to completely eliminate these errors. Read below to find out some helpful tips on increasing the quality of your code.

Simplifying Your Code is Essential

One of the biggest mistakes most new programmers make is over-complicating the code they develop. Instead of trying to make your code more complex, you should focus on making it as readable and simple as humanly possible. By over-complicating your code, you are just asking for problems.

Not only does over-complicated code generate more errors, it can also make the job of the programmer in charge of maintaining the code harder. With a simplified coding structure, you can easily find mistakes and fix them in a timely manner.

Establish the Purpose Behind Your Code

New programmers always feel like they have something to prove to their superiors. This need to shine can create lots of problems when developing readable and error-free code. If you want to get a first grasp of the meaning behind your code, take some time to write it out on paper.

By doing this, you can start to see how all of the elements of your code work together to create a piece of software or an app. If you are having a hard time-solving coding problems or formulating an algorithm, breaking your code down into sections is advisable. Looking at your code in sections will help you pinpoint problems and address them with ease.

Make a Habit of Using Comments

Some experienced programmers tend to lose sight of just how important making comments in their code is. You need to look at the practice of leaving comments like a way to help fellow programmers who have to interact with the code you write. Failing to leave these comments can make it extremely difficult to maintain and troubleshoot issues with your code in the future.

With comprehensive notes in your code, doing things like updating or debugging it much easier for everyone involved. Programmers that are working with a team on a project have to leave notes in order to avoid holding up progress. Getting in the habit of making these comments can make your code easier to work with and can also make you look like a team player.

Using the DRY Principle

Are you familiar with the DRY principle? The “don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) principle was developed by programming guru Dave Thomas. This principle advises programmers to avoid typing out the same code twice. The advice given by Mr. Thomas involves using classes, instances, and functions to make retyping the same code a thing of the past.

By avoiding this type of duplication, you can produce easier to read and cleaner code on a consistent basis. Programmers who avoid this unnecessary repetition usually regret it due to the vast array of problems it generally causes. Being able to optimize your code will set you apart from other programmers, which can make landing great jobs much easier.

Indentation is Your Friend

Properly arranging large sections of code is essential when trying to make it easy to read. One of the best ways to segment different sections of code is by using proper indentation. For years, programmers have used code indentation as a way to show other programmers when certain functions begin and end. While it will take more time and effort to properly indent your code, it will be worth the effort in the long run.

Properly Testing Your Code

The only real way to know whether or not your code has issues is by testing it. The last thing you want is to provide a piece of code that is filled with errors. Not only will this make you look bad, but it can also cause major functionality issues for the program you are working on. This is why you need to test your code throughout the development process. Allowing other programmers to look over your code can also provide you with useful information regarding how to optimize it.

Becoming a great programmer takes a lot of hard work and practice. Consistently honing your craft is essential when trying to stay at the top of your game.

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