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Analysis of the Development Prospect of Electronic Pest Control Companies

According to media reports, more than 75% of Beijing’s households suffered cockroaches last year, and 50% of Wuhan’s households suffered cockroaches. Not to mention in the south, cockroaches are almost everywhere.

Office buildings, warehouses, households and so on have become cockroach parasitic places and paradise. Like the United States cockroaches, Chinese cockroaches, Philippine cockroaches, German mites and other large or small varieties, and they do not only spread germs, but also destroy people’s clothing, furniture and books and so on. Since these small cockroaches are so abominable, let alone the rats…

Now take the Guangzhou market as an example, the population of Guangzhou is more than 10 million. That is to say, there are at least 3 million families, and even we can do one tenth of the market, it will be 300,000 sales! (Excluding office buildings, entertainment places, warehouses, etc.). Even the gross profit is only 10 yuan for each, we can also be profited by millions of yuan. If we did direct sales, the profit will more than double.

Successful example: dealer Mr. A in Beijing: This product began to be sold in Beijing in August last year, and has sold more than 40,000 insect repellents (more than 2,000 in the winter off-season months). Not to mention the advertising fees and other expenses, he has earned more than a million profits. The main strategies for success are: do publicity in drug stores, shopping malls plus newspapers and other media.

As the saying goes, “One who gets the opportunities get the best of the world.” We hope that sharp-eyed and smart investors can seize the opportunity and work together to create a brilliant tomorrow.

There are two views to support electronic pest control. The first view is that female mosquitoes hate male mosquitoes during oviposition, and male mosquitoes emit 21-23 KHz ultrasound, which will make female mosquitoes fly away. The second view is that the mosquito’s natural enemy bats emit ultrasonic waves, and the mosquito will frighten away when they hear it. The core of these two ideas is to produce an ultrasonic wave to keep mosquitoes away. Thus, the so-called ultrasonic mosquito repellent was born. Whether these two views are correct or not, I have not seen the relevant academic reports. I’m not a biologist, I don’t study, I don’t argue, but through practice, I’m absolutely negative on it.

About the problem of ultrasonic mosquito repellent, it appeared when the computer still be the most valuable items. It produces an oscillating circuit to produce an ultrasonic wave to achieve mosquito repellent action. One who know even a little bit of electronic technology knows that this is a relaxation oscillator. The ultrasonic waves generated by the oscillator are emitted by piezoelectric ceramic plates. According to the so-called two points mentioned above, the mosquito frightens away when it hears the ultrasonic wave.

Practice has proved that mosquitoes are mosquitoes no matter how to adjust the frequency of ultrasound (2 KHz~1 MHz), whether using regular waveforms such as serrated wave, square wave, sine wave, or other modulation waveforms, or regardless of the power (0.5~3W), mosquitoes are still mosquitoes, mosquito repellents have no effect on mosquitoes. But on the contrary, during the test, I was bate a lot of times due to the concentration of energy.


Reducing the frequency of ultrasound to the audible band of the human ear, using high-frequency loudspeaker instead of piezoelectric ceramic chip, these all practices have proved that it has no effect on mosquitoes. Infrasonic frequency is not tested because infrasonic waves do harm to the human body. In addition, I have purchased this ultrasonic electronic pest control, and the result is the same. It is proved by experiments that the statement of ultrasonic mosquito repellent is purely nonsense and without any scientific reason.

Recently, some netizens talk about mosquito repellent software on BBS. Without any thinking we know it is cheating. Its principle is nothing more than the use of programs to allow PC vocal components to produce a certain frequency of oscillation, coupled with the packaging interface, has become a mosquito repellent software. Previously, this kind of software was available under DOS. I also used BASIC Sound command to program the sound unit to produce a certain frequency of ultrasonic. In fact, PC horn cannot emit ultrasonic. Practice has also proved that it has no mosquito repellent effect.

With the development of computer software and hardware technology, many computer motherboards have replaced PC horns with buzzers made up of piezoelectric ceramic plates and resonant cavities, which can emit ultrasonic waves. However, the previous circuit experiments can prove that there is no effect, through the programming practice, also proves that there is no mosquito repellent effect.

Now the computer voice, almost without exception, is pronounced by sound card + speaker.

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